Our resident blogger and tantric masseuse Rose Aston Colette explores techniques which incorporate the heart chakra in order to increase feelings of loving kindness and deepen intimate connections.


What is the heart chakra?

This week I’ve had several sessions with a regular client in which we’ve focused on techniques relating to opening up the heart chakra, a really beneficial area when working on compassion, empathy, love and the letting go of emotional pain.

Anahata, the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra, translates as ‘unhurt’ or ‘unstruck’, its meaning a reminder that despite the grievances and hurts which life’s slings and arrows may inflict on us, at our heart’s core we each carry an undamaged ability to give and receive love.  By opening up the channels to our heart chakra, we can rise above the pain, anger or jealousy of our past hurts, tapping directly into our unlimited source of compassion and love. The heart chakra is also the fourth of our seven chakras, it’s central position linking it to our spiritual balance and harmony.

Heart Chakra Exercises To Enhance Tantric Massage

Techniques which focus on this chakra are a perfect way of aligning our energies with our massage partner, enabling us as practitioners to connect with our partner’s sensual energies and to therefore better intuit their needs and desires so that we may be in sync with them during our time together, aiding long lasting feelings of harmony as well as heightening the sensual pleasure of the massage.

One beautiful method to aid the connection of masseuse and partner at the beginning of the session, which simultaneously brings our focus to our heart chakras, is something which Sara at London Tantric also teaches all masseuses who attend her training sessions- the heart chakra greeting. This involves your masseuse inviting you to sit together, facing each other, and she will guide your hand to rest on her heart chakra, then she will take one of her hands and place it on your heart chakra. You will then be invited to follow her gentle guidance as she uses pranayama (breathing techniques) in order to connect with each other more deeply, falling in sync with each other. This week I enjoyed incorporating some visualization techniques to this, asking my partner to imagine his heart as a flower, which was blooming a little more with each inhalation, thus allowing us to focus on the heart’s capacity for beauty and growth as well as its responsiveness to our self care.

Enjoying The Benefits of Loving Kindness Together

I find it pleasurable to revisit the laying of my hands on my partner’s heart chakra towards the end of a sensual body to body session. Ideally by this stage of the massage, he is simultaneously deeply relaxed and highly aroused, as we have found our own unique and erotically charged rhythm. After the intense highs of our session’s end, I like to lay my body on his, resting one hand on his chest above his heart chakra and embracing his body with my other arm to place my hand on his back, behind his heart chakra. Again we breathe together, bringing our focus back inwards to the flowering of the heart chakra, prolonging our blissful feelings of compassion, love and harmony.

These sessions can be deeply profound for both masseuse and partner, and the good news is these sensual, exciting and spiritually replenishing experiences tend to get even better with further practice… making it rather addictive for all involved: don’t say we didn’t warn you! ; )


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