Human beings are naturally sexy but what makes some people look sexier than others? Some might think that it has to do with people’s bodies but that’s obviously been proven to be a myth of some sort. Our shapes have nothing to do with our ability to be perceived as sexy. So then why do some women walk into a room and automatically command it even when they might not be the accepted body size that is considered ‘sexy’? Of course it all has to do with confidence but that doesn’t naturally make you sexy.

We are beings made up of energy and the more we learn to tap into our energetic selves the more we can unleash said energy onto the world. And yes, being sexy has everything to do with energy. Our sensual energy exists latent in our bodies and we simply have forgotten to tap into it. Since we’re told over and over how we’re supposed to feel about our bodies and what to do to change it wand what men like and what women like and all this noise about something that is as simple as allowing ourselves to feel sensual we seem to have forgotten how to.

That’s how your journey into tantric massages should begin. With that healthy curiosity about your own sensual energy and the need to release it from the jail it’s been put into. Forget about all the taboos and stories you’ve heard because the moment you start to feel the touch of a sensually open woman on your skin, when her soft warm body is lying against yours and when her hands start rubbing all of your pressure points then none of that will matter. You will feel as your focus shifts from all that noise to the real you that lies within. The you that’s begging to burst out and how your vitality will depend on it. That’s what real sensuality is, being able to be open, to be touched, to want to be… And it’s all within you, it’s the power of knowing that you can elicit the strongest of emotions from a person with simply knowing what to do and tantric massages are the gateway to that knowledge.