So with massaging everyone knows about the weird and wonderful benefits of it, so when you think about all of them you realise that you should regularly get massages, so with this spot I'm not going to bore you about the ins and outs of it. but how about this, some random facts about massaging
1) did you know that in the body there are around 5 million touch receptors! thats why massages are so relaxing, there are even over 3000 just in your fingertips
2) a healthy touch of any kind can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure
3) roman emperor Julius Caesar used to manage his epilepsy with regular massage therapy
4) in 1996, massage therapy and bodywork was officially offered for the first time as a core medical service in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta
5) massaging on the top of your ear can improve your immune system
6) a 60 minute massage can have the same affect as 7-8 hours of sleep on the body
7) receiving massages can release endorphins in the body, these are a type of natural pain killer.
8) massages may be the oldest form of medical car
9) there are around seventy five different commonly used massage methods today.
10) bob hope, who lived to be 100, regularly received back massages