Continuing our exploration of techniques which tantric masseuses enjoy using to ease you into a state of deep relaxation whilst still remaining mindful of physical pleasure, this week’s blog further explores the ways in which we prepare the body and mind to receive erotic enjoyment.

Relaxation Techniques To Promote Mindfulness

If we have not slowed our rhythms to a more sedate pace prior to a massage session, then we aren’t able to be both passive enough to sink into relaxation, or mindful enough to receive sensual pleasures in all their glory. Therefore the methods used at the start of the massage aim to slow your breathing and heart rate whilst also enhancing an appreciations of the present moment, anchoring you to the sensations of the here and now, which in turn enhances physical pleasure.

Connecting With Pranayama Techniques

If my client is interested in exploring pranayama techniques, then we may begin in a standing or seated position, with me behind him, perhaps placing one hand at the base of his spine and cradling one arm around him to place that hand on his chest over his heart chakra. Gently I will verbally guide him through the slowing of his breathing, falling into a gentle cadence with him, our bodies rising and falling together on each inhale and exhale. This type of breathing exercise prior to an erotic tantra session has the added benefit of being arousing and rather teasing; it is here the sexual energies begin to flow, as our bodies connect and we fall into a deeper sensual synchronicity. When I have been the receiver of such pranayama techniques, I have also found them to be very relaxing due to the physical sensation of being cradled; the masseuse is signaling to you that they are here to guide you through an erotic experience which is also caring and supportive.

Purposeful Touch For Heightened Sensual Pleasure

Another powerful technique is the popular heart chakra greeting, where we sit facing one another, each laying a hand on the other’s heart chakra, and then laying our spare hand over our partner’s hand. Therefore our touch begins in a way which is purposeful and aids our ability to connect and synchronise with our partner’s energies. Another variation on this is to have our partner sit or lay passively, and we begin to touch them softly and purposefully, with soft strokes, starting at the head. Then gently and teasingly we take these strokes gradually down their neck, their shoulders, their arms, their torso. This is sure to focus the mind on the skin being touched, bringing our partner fully into the present moment so they may better enjoy the deep arousal which is steadily building.

In tantric massage we always use purposeful touch, and these initial exercises prepare us to give and receive the pleasurable sensation of skin against skin, by focusing the mind on the sensations we are experiencing. This kind of teasing prepares us for a body to body massage experience in which all our senses are heightened and we are truly able to explore our sensual desires in an authentic way.