We often receive requests from regular or new clients for masseuses that are exceptionally highl  trained in authentic tantric techniques. We are well placed to cater for this request as many of our tantric beauties are able to offer this treatment, having come to us from a background in massage therapy, having attended tantra workshops the world over, and then having received additional training from our in-house tantric expert. Perhaps you would like your masseuse to incorporate breathing exercises, the chanting of ancient mantras, visualisation techniques, or meditation into your treatment? The aim is to help you to relax and empty your consciousness of all exterior worries and concerns.

Authentic tantric massage is an intimate treatment that goes beyond just the superficial arousal that is achieved by touching the skin. Stemming from an ancient philosophy of healing, tantric massage aims to activate energy deep within you and encourage that energy to travel though your entire body, via your energy centres, or chakras. Your masseuse will ask you to lie back, relax, and let her work her magic on your entire body, encompassing various techniques according to your personal preferences. She might use aromatherapy oils, or warm oil from a massage candle to create a deliciously sensuous surface on with she can slide her wonderful body over yours to provide a deeply erotic massage.

Authentic tantric massage is all about being in the moment, forgetting about everything, and being aware only of the glorious sensations aroused by your skilled masseuse. Pleasure is treated as a medicine and during an authentic tantric massage you are likely to experience deeper levels of pleasure, and a more intimate connection, than you ever thought possible. Surrender to the feelings that wash over your entire being and revel in the sensations of an authentic tantric massage, with one of the most stunning and elite masseuses in central London.