Massage oils play a central role in a body to body tantric massage. They’re the delectably scented, elegantly fragrant, sensually slick cornerstones of all good tantric massages. Not only do they aid the masseuse to master those sensual strokes, glides, and pulling techniques that typify massages, but they also help to conjure your spirit and stimulate your senses so that your tantric experience is as erotic, pleasurable and unforgettable as possible.

But what different types of massage oils are there, and what kind of oils do our massage therapists use? In this post, we take a look at the best types of massage oils that we just can’t get enough of — and what their benefits are.

What Kind of Oils Do London Tantric Massage Therapists Use?

At London Tantric, all of our expertly trained, gorgeous masseuse are masters of massage oils. Each is armed with the knowledge and experience to curate the perfect combination of oils for your body and your particular needs and desires. But if you’re intrigued about the warm, wet and wickedly sensual oils that we use, here’s how we make them.

Your masseuse will make your massage oil using a base oil and then add one or potentially several essential oils. Mixing and matching, she will custom-make your oil to ensure an utterly indulgent and powerfully erotic massage.  

Best Types of Base Oils and Their Benefits

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular choices for massages because of its light texture and deeply moisturising and softening properties. With a subtle tropical scent, coconut oil is packed full of antioxidants — particularly vitamin E — making it the perfect tonic for skin inflammation and dry, flaky skin. A natural super moisturiser, coconut oil is the perfect choice for anyone with these skin issues.

Almond Oil

Another favourite among our clients is the nutrient-rich almond oil. This rich oil works to soften, moisturise and hydrate your skin and hair alike. Packed full of vitamin A, D and E, almond oil can even help to stimulate hair growth — perfect if you’re getting a little thin on top. Almond oil also has a tantalising warming effect which can help to reduce pain and ease muscle tightness. With no real scent or oily residue, almond oil is the perfect choice if you’re heading back to the office after your massage.

Argan Oil

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then argan oil is the best choice for you. This oil is heralded for its natural healing properties and is usually applied with a little heat to supercharge its calming and stimulating effects. Of all the oils, argan oil is the most easily absorbed, which means that your skin won’t be greasy when you leave. Thanks to its naturally hydrating properties, however, you will be glowing!

Best Types of Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Essential oils medicinal powers have been harnessed for thousands of years and across almost all cultures. With benefits including detoxifying, stimulating, antibacterial, antiviral and calming it’s not hard to see why.

At London Tantric, our masseuses can create a special custom-made oil to help target your particular concerns or desires. Essential oils are scented and so not everyone’s cup of tea — if this is the case, just let your masseuse know. However, if you’re interested in harnessing the power of essential oils, here are some of our favourites.


If you’re feeling stressed, exhausted, out of balance and generally run down, then Angelica is the essential oil for you. Packed full of anti-infectious properties, it’s also great for easing respiratory pain and stopping coughs and colds in their tracks.


If you’re feeling distant and detached from your life, work or even within your relationships, jasmine can help to lift your spirits and bring you back down to earth. Jasmine helps to restore emotional openness, counter lethargy and apathy — and boost confidence. So it is the perfect choice if you need to step up your game at work or in your private life.


If you battle with mood swings, bouts of anxiety, or unbalanced emotions, then it’s lavender for you. Lavender helps to improve sleep quality, soothe the spirit and rebalance emotions. It’s even used as a treatment for tackling serious mental disorders.  

Ylang Ylang

Do you easily get jealous or fired up with guilt and anger? Ylang Ylang could help. Not only does its earthy scent stimulate your senses to bestow a greater inner peace, but this oil also helps to battle feelings of loneliness and isolation — perfect if you’re struggling to manage the daily grind.

To experience the wondrous, slippery and sensual world of massage oils, book an appointment with one of our gorgeous tantric masseuses today.