Many people often wonder why masseuses are naked along with their clients whilst practicing tantra. Of course the sight of a woman’s bare curves can help someone achieve a state of arousal, though there is a deeper meaning beyond this. The first thing to address is the fact that tantric massages are a meeting of equals so if the client is naked the masseuse makes herself an equal to him. How many times have you thought of getting a massage and the idea that another person is seeing your naked body suddenly makes you feel awkward? This awkward sensation creates a separation between the client and the masseuse and breaks the trust that tantric bases itself on. It’s a sign of equality, of trust between two people to be in the same state.

There is also the fact that many tantric massages aren’t just about hands. While clients are encouraged to not immediately initiate touch and rather to relax and enjoy the experience through deep and meaningful contact, waiting for the erotic energy to build until you both intuitively take the session to what feels naturally pleasurable for you both, the masseuse doesn’t limit her sensual caresses just to the use of her hands. All parts of the body can be used in massages and for this to even be a possibility its necessary for both parties to be completely void of clothing.

If you are in any way concerned about this it’s important to remember you’re having an exchange of sensual energy between you two and a trust and bond is at the centre of your liberation of that energy. If you’re not willing to trust your masseuse then the therapy, while still being sensual and pleasing, won’t have the vast effect the tantric arts should have on a person.

If you’re worried about what your masseuse, a woman who obviously is gorgeous, will think of your body then you should stop worrying now. Tantric masseuses are not just willing but excited to explore all kinds of bodies. Their excitement comes from helping you achieve the ultimate pleasure from her touch and the shape of your body will surely please her. Humans come in all shapes and sizes and we are all capable of being pleased and pleasing others and all hold our own beauty. Don’t be shy about your nudity because we can assure you it’ll be quite appreciated.