What’s your favourite thing about a sensual London Tantric massage? The luxurious massage oils? The soft linens and flickering candlelight? Or is it simply the chance to unwind and relax in a tranquil and enticing setting? There’s so much to love about tantric massages, but for most nothing beats the beautiful naked bodies of our gorgeous masseuses who use their curves to tease and tantalise. 

There are few things in the world as wonderful or magnificent as a naked female body. The combination of incredible curves, soft skin and lithe, sensual movements creates an intoxicating image that our clients can’t get enough of. 

But there’s a lot more significance behind why our masseuses are nude during your tantric massage than just the visual appeal. In this post, we’ll take a look at three reasons our masseuses perform their tantric massages naked. 

1. Nude Massage Delivers You into a State of Arousal 

Tantric practices are deeply sensual and profoundly erotic. In tantra, the sexual energies of the body are awakened, stimulated, heightened and moved to help breakdown any mental, emotional and physical blockages. It is this powerful conjuring of the sexual energy that makes tantra so uniquely satiating and enticing — and which separates tantric massage from other massage forms. 

Our masseuses are masters of seduction and have a wide range of techniques to induce a state of arousal and fire up your sexual energies — and being naked is one of them. Their natural curves radiate sexual energy and inspire you to let go and indulge in the fires of your passions and sexual energy. Once you have entered into that important and heady state of arousal, the magic happens. 

2. A Naked Masseuse Puts You at Ease.  

Whether you’re new to tantric massages or a bonafide addict, disrobing and getting naked with a woman can be intimidating — especially when the masseuse herself is fully dressed. And it’s not surprising that getting naked can make you feel awkward, vulnerable and self-conscious — it’s an incredibly exposing and trusting act. But when you feel uncomfortable being naked during your tantric massage, you are unable to indulge in the blissful abandon it promises fully. That’s why — unlike other tantric agencies — we ensure that you’re never the only one naked in the room. We believe that tantric massage is the meeting of equals, so it goes without saying then that if the client is naked, so is the masseuse. 

By being equally naked and exposed, both you and your masseuse can come together as intimate equals in a trusting, safe environment during your sensual exploration. Whatever your body shape or size, our masseuses are excited to work with all bodies. Their passion is to create delectable sensations of pleasure through touch — so don’t be shy! 

3. Nudity Enhances the Strokes and Movements of the Massage

When the masseuse is naked, she can properly access the full power of her body to create pleasure in yours. After all, tantric massage isn’t just performed using hands. Tantric masseuses are skilled at using their full bodies to induce intense states of pleasure, stimulation and sensual release. Caressing your body with her curves, cupping, sliding, and snaking her entire body over yours creates an incredible sense of both intimacy and unbounded pleasure. 

Book your tantric massage today and discover for yourself the incredible benefits of a nude tantric massage.