Tantric massages can seem a bit on the superficial side. It’s natural to think this way because tantric massages have such an important physical and sensual component to them but did you know that tantric massages were actually a way to become more spiritual?In ancient Tantric practices tantric massages were actually performed as a way to help people commune with a higher sense of being by helping you become your complete self, bringing the spiritual and the physical side of you together.We all have energies within us that are fractured to an extent and unbalanced. 

Bringing Our Energies Into Balance Through Tantric Massage

Energies in tantra have historically been viewed as either feminine or masculine. Feminine energy is that energy which is more spiritual, more sensitive. The masculine energy is the energy of physicality and action. Bringing these two energies together means being able to finally reach our true selves and that is what we call ecstasy. It is our time to commune with whatever higher power we believe in and also feel like a complete being instead of half of one. This is achieved through sensuality because our two energies need to be stimulated at once and balanced. Physical energy is the one we feel the most but through it we reach our spiritual energy… through touch we reach our emotions and that is true even in the smallest of gestures.

Beyond Physical Pleasure To Spiritual Satisfaction

Tantric massages aren’t just a physical journey, then. In fact they are simply a way for us to reach our spiritual side. This is why so many people talk about sensual enlightenment and tantric massages being a journey which opens them up to a myriad of emotions that they weren’t even aware they had within them to feel.

It is true that more men than women are attracted to these massages because of the physical aspect of them but most men quickly realize that if they were in it just for the sexuality they were going about it completely wrong. You can have a purely physical experience with tantric massages but the reality is that allowing yourself to feel the spiritual experience is the only way to fully achieve true ecstasy.

Ths is why we feel so strongly that the teachings of tantra are a lost art in our hectic society. Our modern day culture s fixated on materialism and consumerism, and as such our sensual lives have begun to reflect this. In order to survive in our busy world, we have become very fast paced, with not enough time to commune properly with ourselves or to enjoy as much intimacy with sexual partners as we may desire. Tantric massage reminds us to slow down, of the physical and spiritual joys which can be found when we allow ourselves the time to reconnect with our bodies and the body of another. Tantra also reminds us that we are not merely physical beings, but that our physical pleasure and emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing is interwoven, meaning that we can attain even higher heights of physical pleasure by truly connecting with another; and that this connection can support our wellbing in far reaching ways. 

Therefore tantric massages can provide a framework from which to improve not only our sensual satisfaction, but also many other areas of our lives.