Do you feel like you’re pulled in a thousand different directions? Do you struggle with anxiety, stress and feelings of restlessness? Are you in need of some rest and relaxation? Look no further than an Indian head massage. An Indian head massage is the ultimate way to unwind, relax and revive your senses. With a history reaching back millennia, and a reputation that reaches across the globe, it’s not surprising that Indian head massages are so popular.

Indian head massages are an easy way to bust your stress and unwind quickly. Shorter in time than a standard massage and easy to do in an office or on the hoof, it’s the most practical yet indulgent way of clearing your mind and stimulating your senses.

In this post, we take a look at this simple but effective form of massage.

What Is an Indian Head Massage? 

Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that originated in India millennia ago. An integral part of the Ayurvedic healing system, it is designed to calm the body, revive the senses and induce a state of peace and tranquillity. As the name suggests, an Indian head massage uses a variety of massage techniques and pressure to target your head, neck and shoulders.

What to Expect from Your First Indian Head Massage? 

An Indian head massage is one of the most indulgent, evocative and sensual ways to relieve stress and anxiety and at London Tantric, we’re committed to ensuring that your experience is as restorative and rejuvenating as possible. If you’re heading for your first Indian head massage here’s what to expect.

Whether you’ve opted for incall or outcall, your gorgeous masseuse will have prepared all of the elements to create your very own space of tranquillity — flickering candlelight, intoxicating sensual massage oils and cloud-soft towels. She will then discuss with you what you want out of the massage and identify areas of tension and stress within your body, mind and soul. Once your masseuse has established what you need and desire from your session, she will tailor-make your experience, focusing on your points of tension, blockage or discomfort.

Typically, the masseuse will use her masterful fingers and hands to work out any knots and tensions in the muscles of your upper back and shoulders while lathering up with heavenly scented massage oils to lubricate her strokes. Using a combination of deep tissue massage techniques and pressure and release techniques, all of your aches and pains will melt away as your muscles loosen and the tension fades. From here, the masseuse will work her way up from your back, shoulders, neck to reach your head — all the while gently stimulating and massaging. The masseuse will then dowse your hair in fragrant massage oils and begin to stimulate your scalp, temples and jawline with circular strokes. Not only will it feel intensely relaxing — but, a bonus — a scalp massage helps with hair growth, hair quality and addresses issues such as dandruff.

At London Tantric, we’ve added a sensual twist to the standard Indian head massage. Not only can you expect a truly relaxing head massage, but you’ll also have a full body-to-body massage in which the masseuse will use her incredible curves and her full, gorgeous body to snake and massage over yours- a deeply erotic and arounsing experience.

Your Indian head massage can last anywhere between twenty-five to forty-five minutes depending on your desires for the session. However long your session, one thing is guaranteed — you will leave feeling incredible.

Indian Head Massage Benefits 

The number one benefit of an Indian head massage is its stress-busting, anxiety-reducing, worry-melting abilities. Indian head massages are designed to target the three higher chakras to induce feelings of tranquillity, peace and serenity. The perfect choice for anyone feeling stressed, anxious or just generally low, an Indian head massage works on the areas of your body that carry the physical traces of mental and emotional stress and stimulates them using massage techniques designed to drain blockages.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work and are struggling to balance your tasks, an Indian head massage can also help to alleviate “brain-fog” and leave you feeling clear-headed, focused and ready for whatever challenges thrown at you.

But that’s not all. Here are some of the other incredible benefits of an Indian head massage:


  • Relieves headaches, migraines and tinnitus

  • Aids the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems

  • Eases muscular tension, frees knots and relaxes connective tissue

  • Boosts sleep quality and tackles insomnia

  • Simulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Rejuvenates skin and nerve endings

  • Improves the quality of your hair making it softer and shinier

  • Improve memory and neurological functions

If you’re feeling stressed, overworked and worn down, or if you’re just looking for a little rejuvenation, book in for your Indian Head Massage.