Because of our bold selection of girls we can't just pick one girl that exceeds others, it'd simply just be unfair, so with that in mind we thought we'd pick more than one. but why do you get given masseuse of the week? well, due to their excellent quality in service and on top of that attitude to work being so good they deserve a little bit of recognition. on top of this these masseuses usually gain the most positive reviews which leads to them giving us a more pristine representation. That's not to say all our other girls don't do this.

So, without further explanation our first girl of the week would have to be Enya, and just look at her she's stunning! She is a gorgeous brunette with deep eyes to match her hair colour. Enya is British but that doesn't mean that she knows how to perform some fiery exotic skills. Just imagine this wonderfully elegant woman performing a very sensual tantric massage on you.

The next masseuse of the week is the hot blooded latina Elena. originally from Brazil, Elena is a very compassionate partner who only wants to pleasure you with her sexy masseuse skills. She constantly receives only good words from her clients and why wouldn't she? this beautiful girl has amazingly vibrant emerald like eyes which you can only but stare into for days. she has a beautiful 34E chest and amazingly tight and toned figure for you to examine.

Last but certainly not least, is yet a bubbly masseuse who originally comes from Brazil, Juliana. she is a blonde haired girl who even though shares the same nationality as Elena has a very unique look to her, one that you really don't come across every day. but why? her long blonde hair is soft and drops so lusciously of every curve on it's body it touches. in her pictures she depicts that of a supermodel because of her immaculate facial complexion and cheeky personality, a real fire cracker that's not worth missing out on any time soon.