Has anyone been watching the winter Olympics? Even though the winter Olympics is overshadowed by the summer version, it's still watching world class athletes performing out of their skin to bring home medals. Its been an incredible Olympics too, my favourite part was probably the closing ceremony though. Not because I'm glad that its finished but because they poked fun at the opening ceremony when one of the Olympic rings didn't open, it showed their willingness to have fun and laugh at their mistakes. The malfunction was on the last of everyone's mind too as well because the competition was fiercer and better to watch than ever.

Something I did notice though that I originally thought was quite weird, was watching Lipnitskaia get her ears rubbed before she ventured on to the ice. For some reason she could not enter the ice before getting this ear rub down, however after doing some research it really did make more sense than I originally did think. Lipnitskaia had her ears massaged because it relaxes her before her world class performances. What actually is a better way to get ready for such a once in a life time experience. If only she could've had a tantric massage in London before it.

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