Intimacy between a couple is important when in a relationship. There are many things to consider, for example sexual exploration, this might be trying different things and discovering your like and dislikes. After all you're not going to find out what you enjoy without finding things that you don't. In fact, not 'making love' with one another can lead to irritation in a relationship, and can make even the most content of couples break up. That's why on top of your own, you have to consider the likes and dislikes of your woman. But what's the best way to go about this? 

Don't get sucked into that common misconception that the media like to portray. Take any romantic movie ever for example, where there's around a ten minute clip of 'prince charming' embracing his partner intimately before they both climax at the same time in a moment of heat, passion, and euphoria. Guys have to work harder than this for their women, why not learn a thing or two with one of our lovely masseuses? They can teach you everything you need to know in the secret art of tantra. You can learn different skills and techniques to better your performance, which can lead to a better relationship.

But for you girls that's not to say that the same doesn't swing your way, in fact I believe that for women it is a lot easier to under perform and not get the blame put on them. Both must work as equally as hard so that you can have the most enjoyable time possible. A lot of our loving masseuses offer the opportunity for you to indulge in lesbian massages in order to improve yourself for your lucky other half. You could even discreetly visit one of our masseuses, see what you enjoy and then advise your partner on what they like.