Magic, it seems like a word reserved for children. We as adults don’t talk about magic and those people that do are seen as those weird hippie folks that seem to live in an unrealistic world. It wasn’t always this way though. At some point in history magic was not something that was just in faery tales but a reality we all lived with and it was adults who were welcomed to participate in it. Magic has always been a part of us. Sure, some people say that the magic of the past is the science of today and that might be true but it is also true that magic still exists.

Here is where skeptics get angry and try to tell you that if there is magic then why can’t you move an object across the room with your mind or make it rain when it is clearly sunny outside. They think that magic is what they see in Hollywood pictures or what they read in comics and thus fail to see the real magic around them all the time.

Close your eyes and imagine these scenarios with me for a moment.

Imagine the first time you fell in love. Think of how your body felt, the way your chest pressed against your form and how your knees felt weak from the emotion. Why? Why did you fall in love right then? What happened for you to feel such amazing things? Magic.

Think of the first time you kissed someone, how every cell in your body was bursting with excitement and if you think back you can almost feel the light that was around you. Magic.

The first time you made love… How scared you were, how nervous and awkward you were… but also how much fun it was and when your time for orgasm came you felt like you could never feel this good again.

All of those magical moments are there as positive energy for you to access any time; you just have to remember them. This is something that tantric massages seek to revive in you. The wonder – the magic – that comes from knowing that what is happening is irreplaceable, unrepeatable and special. It can be erotic, it can be fun, it can be meaningful but above all… it is magical.