London is full of fun activities for you to try. It’s not all museums and walking around and the typical shopping sprees, oh no. Those things might be fun for amateurs but for people who know the city a little better something a bit more spicy and exciting is what we are referring to. There are plenty of sexy little nooks and crevices to find scattered all around the city and with the right eye or the right website you can spot them for yourself. There are kinky dating services which just focus on you finding your kinky sexual soul mate. Have a thing for feet? Perhaps you dabble in a bit (or a lot, no one is judging) of BDSM? Then you can always find speed dating events focused just on that. There are chefs that create well renowned cocktails at your hotel room made with exclusively aphrodisiac ingredients. This master of his art will get you and your party tipsy enough and then disappear in the background as your stripper arrives. But of all the sexy little things you can do in London one of them definitely takes the cake of pleasure seeking.

Imagine waiting at your door when a knock comes and you open it to find a woman standing there. She looks at you with incredible dark eyes and asks if she can come in. You let her and she asks if you have anything to drink. You oblige and slowly begin to pour her whatever she asks for. You make small talk and after a while her laughter is etched in your mind as one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard. She tells you to get comfortable and to make sure you’ve showered. You, once again oblige, and head to the bedroom she’s prepared. When the massage begins you are not sure if you’re ready but much like any other experience where you just jump you hold your breath and maybe even giggle a little. The more she touches your body, the more she spreads that gorgeous oil all over your skin the more you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. You try to speak but as you do a wave hits you and you’re suddenly swimming in a warm and welcoming ocean of pure and unadulterated pleasure.

What you’ve just experienced is one of London’s crowning jewels: a tantric massage. They’re always here, waiting for you to call on them and open the door to the pleasure that they bring. All you have to do… is ask.