Can tantric massage get you in the mood better than any other form of foreplay?

Ripping your clothes off and diving into bed with your partner can be spontaneous, passionate and erotic, but much of that spontaneity has dwindled in light of the pandemic. From casual hook-ups to long-standing relationships, intimacy has lost its appeal, leaving many resorting to less healthy forms of sexual expression.

Now is the time to get more creative to enhance — and save — your sex life. The excitement of sexual adventure isn’t exclusively reserved for those in relationships either. Tantric massage as foreplay has the power to revitalise your sexual energies and help you get back in touch with your sexual self, whether you’re single or not.

So, are you missing out on the amazing pleasure that massage as foreplay has to offer?

What Is Foreplay?

Foreplay describes the sexual activity that happens before sexual intercourse. Much like warming up before exercise, foreplay helps align the mind, body and spirit before engaging in more intimate acts. It can last a few minutes or even a few hours, but typically, foreplay should last at least half an hour if you want to achieve mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms.

For pleasure seekers, it’s no secret that foreplay is vital in the sexual arena. Without it, intimacy can become routine, uninteresting or even unpleasant. So how can you make the most of foreplay? Tantric massage has the answer.

Should You Try Tantric Massage as Foreplay?

Whether you’re a couple or looking for someone to try foreplay with, a tantric massage from one — or two — of our beautiful and talented tantricas can rejuvenate your sex life.

There are numerous benefits of tantric massage as foreplay:

1. Enhances Your Emotional Connection

Foreplay helps build a stronger bond between you and your partner, be that your companion or one of our gorgeous masseuses. As you become more in tune with one another, you’ll intuit each others’ desires more clearly, allowing you to both receive more gratifying pleasure.

This chemistry can only be established when both parties are invested in the experience, which is why our tantricas have mastered the art of captivating the mind and tantalising the body to keep you spell-bound throughout the experience.

2. Increases Blood Flow in the Body

Massage as foreplay can dramatically increase the flow of blood in the body. This form of foreplay is essential if you’ve ever struggled with erectile dysfunction or any other physiological issues with intimacy. It ensures your most private areas achieve maximum circulation, enhancing sensitivity during the process.

Receiving a massage also removes toxins and natural by-products that accumulate in the body naturally over time. The “tantra” aspect of a tantric massage goes a step further. It releases negative energy from your body in the form of tension, stress and any anxieties you may have, leaving you free to experience the overwhelming pleasure that courses throughout your entire being.

3. Boosts Confidence

Diving in at the deep end can be daunting, especially if you aren’t highly sexually experienced or particularly confident in your appearance. Careful, delicate foreplay can help you warm up to sex, slowly building up to more intimate moments. Practising touching and being touched is a great way of building self-esteem, allowing you to access other-worldly pleasures that aren’t accessible if you’re hindered by low confidence. 

4. Creates Novelty

Foreplay sets the stage for the most erotic and intimate events to take place. When you book a tantric massage with London Tantric, you’ll have an incredible experience from start to finish. Our tantricas are specially selected for their sensual prowess, alluring appearance and, crucially, their ability to create an intensely relaxing yet provocative atmosphere that’s so essential to foreplay.

With an array of premium massage oils, candles and ambient music — and, of course, their remarkably erotic aura — our ladies will indulge you in a foreplay experience like no other. Only once you’ve been taken to the heights of pleasure numerous times will your tantrica allow you to experience a blissful release.

5. Makes Sex Better

Sex can easily become routine and unimaginative, but tantric massage as foreplay can make sex a lot more fun, interesting and experimental. Foreplay allows participants the time to explore their bodies and discover erogenous zones — subtle, sometimes hidden, areas of the body that can provide immense pleasure — without engaging in penetrative sex.

Our tantricas will use their soft, tantric touch to enlighten your sexual spirit and take you to a far-away place where only the deepest erotic pleasure can exist. This wouldn’t be possible without foreplay and all the excitement it brings.

Enhancing Foreplay through Tantric Massage

At London Tantric, we have a passion for pleasure. Our luxury ladies are experts in foreplay and the tantric arts. They’re ready and waiting to tantalise and tease you into rapturous abandon, so what are you waiting for? You can book various tantric massages to fulfil your desires, from Nuru massage to couples massages, allowing you to practice foreplay and lose yourself in deep, sensual pleasure.

Want to experience tantric massage as foreplay first-hand? Book a tantric massage online, or give our friendly, professional and discreet reception team a call today.