Tantra has been practised for over 9,000 years, originating in India and believed to be the path of enlightenment. Understand the key benefits of what tantric massage London can do for you and your stress management

Taking time for yourself 

Very rarely do we take the necessary and required "me time." Its important to love yourself and in order to do so you have to know yourself well. Get into a positive routine of doing things alone, having mind space to analyse your day and absorb the positives and negatives can make a huge difference to your stress and mood. Being selfish during this time is essential, put your emotional and physical health above others just for a little part of the day. 

Physical, emotional and mental health 

Massage in itself has many physical benefits including; Improved Circulation, muscle tension, joint flexibility etc. Tantric massage only adds to that, taking your emotional well being into account too. Sensual massage allows you to feel good about yourself, feelings of self worth and self esteem are boosted leading to an improved overall happiness. Regain control of your emotions by tapping into your spiritual self, positivity only brings positivity, by increasing your self worth and giving you a better outlook on life you will excel in everything you do.

Breathe and learn to relax  

Yoga teachings alongside tantric massage both utilise deep diaphragmatic breathing well known to alleviate many issues such as; headaches, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. You intake more oxygen feeding your body and engage a different part of the lung and muscles surrounding it. Naturally Pranayama (diaphragmatic) breathing is an important key for healthy well being and used during meditation. This style of breathing isn't just for meditation but can be utilised during any stressful moment and should be regularly practised either alone or with another. Benefits include; pulmonary function, respiratory fitness, posture and many more. Once you have control of your breathing you can refocus your mind on whats important, without your body in a state of anxiety.