Did you see that picture that Jessie posted on Instagram last Friday? Because she's a world renowned singer, and lives probably a very hectic lifestyle, it's no wonder that Jessie really enjoys relaxing with what spare time she gets. What's one of her favourite ways to unwind? A massage of course. Jessie has been working on a series of tracks for a new album, and whilst she's not in the studio she's on a table getting a well deserved rub down from a masseuse. Jessie posted a shot of herself whilst she was on the table.

Let's face it too, Jessie is as sexy as hell. The picture is a bit more 'showy' than you'd expect as she's lay on the table exposed, only to have her bottom half covered by a towel. This has been during her prolonged stay in New York city. The 25-year-old songstress' caption read ‘Just had one of the BEST massages I've ever had! Me time… I'm going to hurt tomorrow but it was so worth it! #relaxed #nyc #dontaskwhotookthepic #mineyabusiness.’. This just made me think Jessie has obviously never received one of our heavenly tantric massages then.

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