It seems that 'massage' is slowly becoming the buzz word for 2014. If you saw my blog post just recently on the winter Olympics and how different athletes warm up, you would have read how important massage is to some people. Massage has yet again been put in the papers, but not quite exactly how you'd expect it. Some major athletes indulge in a post game massage to loosen themselves up, some also enjoy one before they compete. But what about during a game of football? The Italian national side has come up with an innovative, state of the art kit which 'massages' the team as they are playing!

The shirts, which will be worn for the first time facing Spain in a friendly on Wednesday, hold a unique fibre that provides "micro-massages" to the person wearing it. This material will help the body recuperate quicker from exertion during the game. Italy face Ireland and Luxembourg as well, hopefully these kits can make the Italians perform better than ever before, encouraging more and more people to use massage as a remedy for other physical difficulties. Italian captain and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon says he is impressed by the kit, adding the design has "a true Italian touch".

I wouldn't say that this is as good as a traditional massage however. Sure you can't pull out a table, get on it and have a rub down during a game of football. but if I had the decision to either have a talented female giving me a tantric massage or wear a shirt..... I wouldn't be wearing a shirt. But obviously it is a good compromise.

I consider it the next best thing to a real massage. When you're in need of a real massage why not come to London tantric? The techniques and skills that our girls have mastered should not be going to waste, are you going to let an opportunity like this pass you by.