Tantric massage is enjoyable, relaxing and a great way to soak up some spare "me" time. But does this indulgent practice offer more than just a temporary connection? The short answer is yes. We list four of the most surprising health benefits of Tantric massage in another blog, including the possibility of improving your sex life and your immune system. Here, however, we'll take a closer look at all of the benefits Tantric massage has to offer — from mental and physical enhancement to spiritual awakening.

1. Reinvent Relationships — At London Tantric, we offer couples massage as well as therapy for individuals. Both forms of tantric massage can help to open up lines of communication and improve relationships — either with yourself or loved ones. Tantric massage is an intimate practise where sessions can teach you how to be more comfortable in your own skin and allow you to be more open with others. Whether you're experiencing tantric massage alone or with a partner, you're likely to leave the experience with a different outlook on love.

2. Improve Self Esteem — Sometimes we need the tender touch of someone else to make us realise how much we've neglected our self-care. This slow-paced massage allows individuals to build their self-esteem through a close connection with their therapists and a truly tailored session plan. The care and attention taken when performing a full-body massage in this way can teach those prone to ignore their inner needs to look at their self and their form in a new light.

3. Increase Confidence — The close encounters you experience in tantric massage can be a great confidence booster. Receiving a tantric massage can feel like stepping outside of your comfort zone, which is liberating and empowering as a result. Tantric massages are performed naked, allowing you to slowly increase your confidence both physically and mentally. After leaving a tantric massage, you'll often feel more comfortable around strangers and self-assured about your character.

4. Regulate Orgasms — Sensual massage can help with any orgasm abnormalities, whether that be the inability to orgasm or an issue with reaching climax too quickly. Tantric therapy focuses on the entirety of the body, coaching recipients to respond correctly to touch, pressure and slow-paced foreplay. Many people who have experienced tantric massage profess that their sexual performance is boosted because of it, allowing them to enjoy the experience freely and forget about anxieties or concerns with their behaviour.

5. Deal With Erectile Dysfunction — Tantric masseuses will take you on both a mental and physical journey during a session. In a sense, tantric massage acts as a form of therapy without any need for words. During this time, you could overcome any mental blockages causing you to have intimacy issues. The slow-paced nature of tantric massage can also calm any man's nerves, allowing them to ease themselves into the experience with no pressure or expectations.

6. Overcome Sexual Trauma — As well as aiding physical dysfunctions, massage can help people to overcome mental issues like sexual trauma. Professional intimacy can often be the first step to recovery by allowing an impartial individual to explore your body. Professionals and clients can build a bond of trust that allows them to slowly discover areas of discomfort and rewire negative thoughts and habits. Above all, tantric massage provides company to those who need it. 

7. Increase Blood Circulation — Like most massage types, the rigorous movements of a therapist is bound to improve your blood circulation. As well as having essential health benefits, like allowing your lungs and heart to function, improved blood circulation can also lead to better sexual health.

8. Restore Energy — Whether this is sexual energy, or the process of removing negative energy from the body, the art of ancient tantra uses deep breathing methods to detoxify the body. Tantric masseuses work to instil positive energy through their practice and remind you to imagine a sense of release while undertaking breathwork. This visualisation can have a real healing effect, leaving you with a sense of relief when it's over.

9. Find Fulfilment — Most of us can feel confused when we don't find immediate fulfilment in material success or wealth.  The truth is, fulfilment comes from things that are much simpler and more intuitive. If you're constantly busy, stressed or feeling empty, tantric massage can help you to find personal fulfilment by providing human connection and a journey to self-acceptance.

10. Reach Enlightenment — Tantra finds its origins in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, so it’s no surprise sensual massage is closely connected to spirituality. The meditative element of massage can help you to awaken your mind to a spiritual realm that in most of us is largely untapped. As you dispose of and gain energy from your tantra, you'll start to feel a sense of connection between you and your therapist that you weren't aware of before. This type of therapy is like a shared meditation where people can reach a state of higher consciousness together.

11. Pain Relief — Erotic massage has the same physical benefits as any other massage type. Tantras — like conventional masseuses — are skilled professionals with a good working knowledge of the human body, pressure points and muscles. While your experience will differ from that of a sports massage, you will notice your form feels lighter and tension is released after completion.

12. Heighten Sexual Drive — If things have felt stagnant in the bedroom, sensual experiences can help to relight the fire. While these sessions work to release sexual energy, they also ensure passion is replenished, building a regular appetite for pleasure.

13. Solve Stress — To receive our services, you'll visit a masseuse's luxury apartment, rather than a day-spa. Regardless, you'll feel de-stressed at the end of the session — as though you had spent the entire day being pampered. The targeted pressure and gentle manipulation of your body will leave you feeling rejuvenated despite your busy schedule. It's important to find ways to combat stress as this silent symptom can quickly impact your health. With tantric massage, you can solve stress in less than an hour, making this a quick and easy mental health ritual to maintain.

14. Maximise Sleep — Sensual massage sessions can be intense, whether you're in the hot seat for an hour or the entire evening. The experience is likely to excite and stimulate the senses, effectively using all of your daily energy. The aftermath is pure relaxation that will allow you to fall into a deep sleep. Your body will also use this time to readjust to and repair.

15. Cultivate Happiness — If you enjoy our services often you might notice a shift to a sunnier disposition. Usually, this is a result of regular close contact mixed with the numerous health benefits of massage. Like any product or service that claims to detox, tantric massage helps to clear out the body, mind and soul of negative emotions, tension and energy build up. Frequently cleaning out your personal closet in this way all contributes to making you a more joyful person with more capacity to love, give and share with others.

16. Positively Impact Wellbeing — Specifically for women, sensual massage positively impacts wellbeing by providing a more profound sexual energy that isn't merely physical. It can cause women to become more intuned to their sexuality as well as more satisfied with their overall physical experiences. Importantly, tantric massage can bring about more emotional stability.

17. Nourish Skin —  The constant touch of skin-on-skin can provide a natural exfoliating effect on the body, in addition to the products and fragrances that may be used in the process. This careful contact nourishes skin, ensuring you feel the lasting effects of the treatment even after initial buzz and excitement has worn off.

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