Date nights are sacred in a relationship. Whether you’ve been together for a while or are in the fledgling phase of a new relationship, it’s important to set aside time to spend together as life gets busy. It may seem inauthentic to schedule an allotted time to get romantic, but this does not mean your romance is limited to this time. Romance should be integrated into your daily life. However, if you and your partner have busy schedules, it’s necessary to put a date night into your calendars! Date nights are important as they allow you and your partner to relax and rewind with each other. Spending time this time together also ensures you stay connected, leading to a better sex life and higher relationship satisfaction.

So, we’ve established they’re pretty important for a healthy partnership. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing the same date night activity, which definitely doesn’t keep the excitement in the relationship. We’ve got some exciting, spicy and sexy ideas to keep your relationship stimulated. Ranging from a sensual Nuru massage to role-play during your dates. Keep reading to get our ideas to make your date night more special. 

Enjoy A Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage is the perfect way to make sure your date night is special. This type of massage is a Japanese type of ‘slide’ massage. It’s an ancient erotic massage where you can enjoy full body contact whilst lubricating with massage oils. Whoever chooses the role of “masseuse” will use their body to massage the partner. This type of massage will lead both of you to experience new sensations and create a deeper connection with each other. This is a unique technique and will lead to you feeling inspired to try new things in the bedroom. This date night idea is also an inexpensive way of spending time with your partner. You should definitely try this next time you’re due for a special date night. Nevertheless, if you feel that you want to try it from the hands of an expert masseuse, we recommend you book a professional Nuru Massage with us. Then, you will be able to practice your knowledge with your partner.

Try Your Hand At Dressing Up

We don’t mean wearing nicer clothes for date night, which would be a perfectly acceptable way to make your date night special. We mean dressing up in nice lingerie or undergarments to make your partner go crazy. Whether you’re heading out to go to a restaurant or making dinner at home, you’ll be able to tease your partner as they’ll know what is waiting for them in the later portion of the evening. Dressing up in nice undergarments will also make you feel more confident in yourself. You could also try making dinner together wearing just your lingerie; looking at your partner whilst cooking will get you hot and bothered. This will definitely make your date nights more special. 

Make It A Surprise

An easy way to make your date nights more special is to make them a surprise for your partner. Maybe you’ve found a new restaurant, bar or activity that you’d like to try with them. You can take turns planning a surprise for each other. The element of surprise will add a new lease of life to your dates. Your partner will glow with joy when they realise they don’t have to plan or book anything for your date, and it will make it more exciting for both of you. This will also encourage you to go out and try new things as a couple, creating more memories for each of you. 

Give Roleplay A Try

If you’ve been together for a while, you may feel like you’re all talked out and find yourself with gaps in the conversation. Whilst this is completely normal and healthy, you may want to spice it up for your date nights. You can create a new backstory for a character and assume it for the rest of your date night. Roleplay is not only great for adding some excitement to your dates, but it’s also a great way of keeping your life in the bedroom original and exciting. You work great as you are, and that’s why you’re in this relationship, but sometimes it’s worth assuming different characters just for a night. 

Experience A New First

It may come as a shock that you and your partner have some things you haven’t tried together, but even lifelong couples have a few things that are firsts for them. Creating a ‘first’ memory makes date nights more special as it marks an occasion to look back on and remember. It doesn’t have to be the most exciting activity in the world, it could simply be trying a new type of food together or going to a place in your city that you’re yet to visit. You could also take it further and go for a night away. Being in a new environment together creates a new lease of life for your romance and makes date nights more special. 

Every couple is unique, and you may not enjoy what your other couple's friends do. This is perfectly fine, but everyone enjoys excitement once in a while. We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Coming up with ways to make your date nights more special will not only make you excited to spend time with your partner, but it will also make you appreciate the mundane things more as well.