Plenty of people perform regular massage at home to relax, connect and even fight physical pain. If you've already mastered your massage techniques in this area, it might be time to transition to an advanced form of massage that's more intimate, skilful and long-lasting. Tantric massage — classed as a form of sensual massage — can be performed alone or with your partner. This type of massage boasts plenty of benefits, including improved sexual health and heightened self-esteem. Whether you're looking to spice up your self-care routine or inject some new life into the bedroom, our guide on tantric massage will arm you with all of the expert information you need to know to get started.

In this blog, we'll cover:

  • How Do You Prepare for a Tantric Massage
  • How to Give a Tantric Massage to Others
  • How to Perform Tantric Massage on Yourself
  • Things to Remember during a Tantric Massage

How Do You Prepare for a Tantric Massage

Before you worry about the atmosphere, equipment and even mental preparation, it's important to pick an appropriate time to deliver a massage when you're sure you won't be interrupted. Select a time when the house is quiet and your schedule doesn't require you to do anything else other than to relax. Tantric massage is an incredibly relaxing process that uses slow-paced movements to induce sexual energy. There's no “correct” amount of time for a tantric massage, but it can last for an entire evening if it feels right.

Setting the Scene

You've set the date — now it's time to set the scene. You'll be pleased to know our professional tantric services are performed in a luxury apartment — so it won't be too hard to replicate the calming, intimate atmosphere that we provide. In other words, you don't need to transform your space into a therapy room to indulge in tantric practices.

Given the intimate nature of tantric massage, we suggest performing the act in the bedroom on a regular bed. This setting provides comfort and privacy, allowing you to be in a safe space for the duration. Plus, if things progress further after the massage has ended, there will be no need to fragment the experience by transitioning to the bedroom.

Tantric massage is performed naked and if it involves more than one party, there is often body to body action. As such, you'll want to heat the room and provide towels.

At this point, you've covered all the basics of a massage setting. But if you want to make sure you're creating the right ambience sometimes candles, music and a quick dimming of the lights can make a world of difference.

Tricks and Tools

Although the skills needed for tantric massage are classed as advanced, the practice doesn't require any specialist equipment. With this said, you could wake up with an urge to try the experience and start to practice within the day.

At London Tantric, we use specific lubrication techniques — including the use of botanical seaweed-based Nuru gel — to provide a pleasure-filled experience. At home, you can replicate these effects with regular massage oil until you become an expert. Massage oil should be used generously throughout to enhance the experience. Lubrication can increase the fluidity of the massage, decrease tension and of course, make the experience more fun and playful.

There's every chance you'll have the tools needed to get started with the massage straight away. Just in case you're unsure, here's a quick checklist:

  • Fresh bedding
  • Towels A form of massage oil or gel
  • Candles and aromatherapy oils (optional)
  • Mood-enhancing music (optional)
  • Light dimming (optional)

Mentally Preparing

Physically preparing for massage is only half the battle — it's important you also feel physically and emotionally ready to undergo the experience.

While tantric massages provide pleasure, they can also be intense and incredibly intimate. You might naturally find the right time to learn about this alone, but if you're thinking of performing tantra with your partner, there are some things you should talk through together first. Consider these talking points before delving into massage:

  • Personal Boundaries — During this type of massage, you'll be exploring your partner's body in its entirety. It's a good idea to double-check you have your partner's consent to do this and if they'd like you to take care in particular areas of their body that are more sensitive. We all have personal boundaries that are likely to be pushed to their limits in tantric practice. Make sure you discuss them first to keep verbal communication flowing before the physical communication starts.
  • Expectations — Erotic massage does stimulate the body and increase sexual desire. It's also known for giving multiple orgasms (even to men). With so many benefits, it's important to find out your partner's expectations and even mentally shuffle through your own, so you're more aware of what the focus of the session is. In your own home, however, these may take pride of place. That said, it's important not to skip to this sacred step and gently lean into the massage by focusing on breathing and relaxation initially. This will allow you to create balance and compromise between your expectations if one person is more hesitant than the other.
  • Reasoning — In the privacy of your own home, massage might form a tantalising stepping stone to tantric sex. It might also act as a last chance to ignite a lost spark in your relationship. Whatever the reasoning behind your interest in tantric massage, you should make this understood before you begin. While play and touch can play a huge part in advancing and repairing relationships, this physical therapy only thrives when both the giver and receiver are fully clear on the objectives.

How to Give a Tantric Massage to Others

Thinking of practising on your partner? We'll show you how to mesmerise your significant other using the ancient art of tantra in five steps. Listen up:

  • Clear the Space — Prepare the space as described making it a comfortable and familiar environment. It's important to tidy the area of any clutter as you would before meditation, so your partner isn't distracted by the surroundings. This way, you can both focus on the sensations and energies present.
  • Initiate It Naturally — As with experimenting with anything intimate for the first time, try not to make the session feel forced or too painstakingly planned. This will remove the spontaneity, resulting in a moment that doesn't feel natural. When the moment is right, suggest that this could be the perfect time to start. Give yourself a couple of minutes to warm up to an aroused state before beginning any massaging.
  • Start Spiritually — Tantra finds its origins in religion, originating from the East. As such, awareness and the ability to focus on flow and breath is central to the practice. Avoid the temptation to rush into things when performing massage with your lover and instead take a more holistic approach to the session. Connect with your eyes as well as your hands while asking your partner to breathe with you in unison. Slowly progress towards massage, allowing yourself to appreciate the different stages of the experience.
  • Use Your Hands and Body — When the massage is in full swing, don't be shy with your technique. Although you may not have mastered the act of giving (or receiving) massage just yet, the key is to be brave and explore the concept openly. You might start the massage with a single finger or a hand, but you should progress to using your body to massage,  ramping up the intensity of the massage and you and your partner's chances of orgasm. There's no set guide to the order of events but beginning with a head massage before progressing to the lower body is a conventional way to slowly build up the intensity of the massage. Use your fingers to make a slow descent to your partner's feet before travelling back up to their knees and beyond.
  • Massage without Pressure — No, we're not talking about your massage techniques — there should be plenty of rubbing, kneading and circular motions involved. Rather, don't succumb to pressure in your mind or associate any unnecessary weight with the results of the session. Partner massage should always focus on love rather than physical release. There should be no pressure for your partner to climax.

How to Perform Tantric Massage on Yourself

Tantric massage is a pastime that can be enjoyed both socially and solo. Often described as the physical act where two bodies become one, individuals might not instantly associate tantra with self-pleasure. However, the image of tantric massage is changing and as your educator, we have plenty of tips for those spending a single night in:

Tip #1 — Keep both hands busy. Make the most of your own body and keep both hands occupied. If you're working with your right hand, remember tantra is about constant massaging and exploration of the whole body. Try to remind yourself to explore around with your left hand also to initiate as much skin contact as possible. As a result, you'll feel like you've had an entire spa treatment that feels almost like an out-of-body experience.

Tip #2 — Don't just think about sex. It's true tantric massage is often linked to tantric sex and the release of sexual energy. However, this intimate form of massage is much more. Sex shouldn't be at the forefront of your mind — instead, you should try to clear your thoughts as though you were performing meditation. Bring your attention back to the physicality of your body each time your mind starts to wander.

Tip #3 — Try to imagine your body releasing energy. Let tantric massage help your heart, body and soul by focusing on energy distribution. Professional tantras will help you to engage in breathwork, encouraging you to visualise negative energy leaving the body while gaining positive energy. When fulfilling your own massage needs, you'll need to control this part of the session focusing on the transference of energy throughout.

Things to Remember during a Tantric Massage

Now you're well-versed in the basics of tantric massage, you're almost ready to try the amazing benefits of tantra for the first time. Before you go, we want to give you a few final things to remember to make sure you have a truly thrilling experience.

  • Always Ask for Consent — Chat with your partner, show them this guide or use our talking points to clear things up before engaging in the massage.
  • Don't Rush — Massage is fun so make it last longer by not rushing and enjoying the moment. Remember, there are no rules about how long tantric massage should take so just do what feels right. 
  • Prioritise Energy Distribution — Most materials online will tell you tantra is about sex. This is only half true. To get the most out of massage, you'll want to maximise its spiritual and mental benefits too.
  • Practice Makes Perfect — Don't feel deflated if your first sensual massage doesn't work out. Your experience will build over time and may even be boosted by experiencing a tantric massage from a professional.

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