What Is An Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage is a well known ancient practice that has been used for hundreds of years, originating in India. It requires no oil or equipment and is usually performed whilst seated, so it is pretty simple and straightforward. 

Also known as Champissage, Indian head massages are a therapy that focuses on treating acupressure points throughout the head, neck and shoulders using circular massage stroked to enhance hair and scalp health.

Unlike a body massage, the recipient is usually dressed and sitting in a chair, enabling the treatment to be given in work situations and for those who are not comfortable lying down or being undressed.

This technique has been developed over the centuries - it is now considered a highly beneficial treatment by many therapists for a wide variety of physical and emotional problems.

How is it performed

A conventional Indian head massage begins with the shoulders, focusing on this area since it frequently carries a lot of stress. The massage progresses along the shoulder blade, working up to the upper back.

Following that, flowing strokes will massage and extend the neck, relieving any stress and tension. Finally, the scalp is massaged along with the acupressure points on the head, followed by the forehead and the region surrounding the eyes in non-corporate situations.

The upper back and arms can also be massaged depending on the techniques utilised.

This massage may be used with oils in a spa setting to condition the hair and stimulate growth and good skin. The most commonly used oils are coconut and almond oil, which are excellent for dry hair. Other oils such as mustard oil and sesame oil can also promote healthy skin and hair. 

On the other hand, in a mobile or corporate context, the massage is frequently performed without oils to make it more accessible. However, the massage will still have naturally conditioning effects because of the techniques utilised to release the hair follicles, which increases natural hair oil.

Benefits of Indian Head Massages

This massage provides an intense but pleasurable sense of relaxation and fulfilment. There are many benefits that this massage can bring hence why it is popular worldwide. 

Stress and anxiety
This traditional Ayurveda will stimulate blood flow into different regions to unblock tensions and create a release for any stress and anxiety. The massage will allow you to relax, helping you to ease your concern about your everyday problems. 

Hait growth
Did you know that Indian head massages increase oxygen in the hair? Increased oxygen helps with hair growth and is beneficial for your health. It is always good to promote natural hair growth, especially as you age, as natural hair loss is very common. 

Therefore, having treatments like this is beneficial to naturally look after your hair, as paying for hair transplants can have adverse side effects and be quite expensive. 

It prevents headaches and migraines
Migraines and headaches are prevalent and can significantly disturb your day. Since the pandemic, there has been a 40% increase in migraines in the UK, and nearly one in two people are affected by migraines. 

However, the main benefit of an erotic Indian massage is that the release of built-up tension in the head and neck can help prevent migraines.

Helps with energy levels
Indian massages can help with energy levels and make you feel more refreshed and relaxed, allowing you to be more efficient during the day. There are many different ways to get a quick release of energy, the most common is coffee. 

However, with this, there is usually a crash, and you will end up very tired and unproductive. That’s why it is more beneficial to have energy slowly built up through massages like these that will give you long term energy and not have any adverse side effects on your body and your health. 

Relives anxiety and depression
Depression is believed to be the most common mental health concern in Britain. Over 10% of the population experience depression in a year and antidepressant use for depression and anxiety has risen by 30%. 

It is no surprise that anxiety and depression have been increasingly common, especially since the pandemic. It is essential to look after yourself and take natural remedies to destress and feel relaxed through the relaxation of this massage through relaxation. 

Book your Indian Head Massage today

An Indian head massage from a beautiful London Tantric masseuse will detox your body and renew your spirit whether you’re visiting London on business or a local to the area. 

You have the opportunity to cleanse your mind, body and soul in a profoundly spiritual and pleasurable way. 

By combining one of our excitingly erotic sessions with this ancient therapeutic technique, you’ll have an experience like no other. Book today an Indian head massage and start enjoying the pleasures of it.