Tantric massage is an in-depth form of intimacy that deepens the connection between two consenting people. While there is the misconception that tantric massages are purely erotic, there is much more to them than just erotic stimulation. 

A tantric massage can be viewed as a journey or guide between couples and partners, heightening their spiritual connection and learning more about the other.

It provides an opportunity for one another to learn about themselves and each other in a very intimate way. 

So, What's The First Step in a Tantric Massage?

The first step is a little obvious, but it can still be a challenge for some people, and that is to relax. Whilst this may come effortlessly for some, it's a struggle for others. 

To relax, it is important that you find the right partner. Finding the right partner can be tricky as you will be exploring each other's bodies intimately, 

This is why communication is vital in the very beginning stages. You should voice any concerns or nerves you may have with your partner before going into the experience to eliminate any nerves and ensure you can fully relax.

How Do I Set The Mood?

Creating the perfect atmosphere is very important when performing a tantric massage. 

Again, we come to the part where people need to be comfortable and relaxed to experience this intimate activity. Ways you can create a calming space are with dimmed lighting and quiet, relaxing music. 

A tantric massage is a highly spiritual activity. So make sure that room reflects that. The look and feel of the room will heighten the experience and make it that much more enjoyable.  

If you plan to use essential oils or a diffuser to create a pleasant scent in the room, paying close attention to detail by changing the bed linens will impact the experience. 

The massage will engage all of our senses, so what we see, feel, touch, smell and hear will factor into the overall experience. 

Slow & Steady

The actual massage itself is where the magic lies, so never rush. Spend as much time as you like here; the ultimate goal is to give or receive pleasure. 

A good place to start the massage is the back. This broad area is where you can build your confidence to find the right amount of pressure to apply by gauging your partner's reaction. You can move on to other body parts with firm and deep strokes.

A reasonable amount of time to spend on a body part can vary, but 20-30 minutes is a reasonable amount of time, with more time focused on specific regions of the body of the receiver's preference.  

Again, the aim is to feel comfortable and feel pleasure. Remember, it is a two-way dialogue, so you can always ask if you are unsure of anything.

Tantric massages are a guide in many ways to alleviate the stress of the mind and body, learn about yourself and your journey with sexual pleasure and a form of deepening sexual and spiritual intimacy. 

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The Benefits Of Tantric Massage

The point of tantric pleasure is to explore "more than sex".

Many of us assume that sex is only about penetration, which limits the scope of what can be enjoyed from a sexual experience. By dissociating sex as pure penetration and the act of pleasure, we can open up the possibilities of many more avenues of pleasure. 

Like a positive sexual experience, many people can also have a negative experience. Many women may have faced some sexual trauma. Likewise, some men can also have trauma linked to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. 

Tantric massage provides a guide to healing, as it presents another avenue of sexual experiences that is not solely focused on climax and penetration.

Ultimately, it allows someone to explore pleasure in a different way, a way that they are comfortable with, and a way that will avoid the stress they may have endured in a traditional sense. It guides you on a journey of self-discovery rather than seeking a traditional therapy or medication to "fix" what may be assumed to be "broken".  

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