What Is Anorgasmia?

Anorgasmia is a sexual dysfunction that can affect both men and women and is the inability to reach an orgasm during any sexual activity. This condition can be stressful and disheartening for both parties in the relationship. It is important to understand what can be the causes of anorgasmia and the types of anorgasmia that people experience. 

Usually, this sexual dysfunction condition is broken down into two categories; these are primary and secondary. Primary anorgasmia is the inability to experience an orgasm under any circumstances, including masturbation, whereas secondary anorgasmia is the loss of ability to orgasm after a period of normal sexual function.

The causes for anorgasmia can be physical, psychological or a combination of both and widely vary for each individual. Medication side effects, nerve damage and hormonal imbalances are just three of the physical causes of anorgasmia. Stress, anxiety, relationship issues, negative body image, insecurities and depression are all psychological effects that can lead to an anorgasmia diagnosis.
It is always important to consult with a professional healthcare worker to rule out the possibility of serious conditions; however, in most cases of anorgasmia, it can be improved with various forms of therapies and techniques, including Tantra. 

Why Is Tanta Relevant For Anorgasmia?

Tantra takes a holistic approach to sexuality, which can be a powerful technique if you suffer from anorgasmia. Tanta emphasises the connection between your body, mind and spiritual self rather than the physical pleasure. This approach can help people suffering from underlying psychological issues such as stress and depression that will most likely affect their anorgasmia condition. Tantra educates us on being fully present in the moment and in our surroundings, focusing on pleasures and sensations. For individuals experiencing anorgasmia, Tantra allows us to tune into our bodies and understand what feels pleasurable to them and what they find uncomfortable. Focusing on the present moment and surroundings allows those individuals to reduce their anxiety and negativity interfering with their ability to achieve an orgasm. Another important message Tantra focuses on is communication and connection between yourself and your partner. 

How Can Tantra Help With Anorgasmia?

Tantra offers a unique approach to sexuality that can help some individuals suffering from anorgasmia overcome their condition; here are some of the ways Tantra can help:


A primary element of Tantra is awareness, becoming more aware of your body and sexual desires and energy will allow you to identify areas that hold tension. The increased awareness helps to release any tension allowing your sexual energy to flow more freely, therefore, resulting in a greater chance of experiencing an orgasm. 


Breathing techniques are an essential part of daily Tantra practices. Controlling your breathing can help bring control into your sexual experiences allowing you to let go of tension and relax. This can lead to a greater orgasm.


Sensual touch holds power within Tantra and helps to awaken the body's natural sexual energy. Incorporating sensual touch through practices such as a tantric massage can increase your sensitivity and pleasure. Please ensure you seek professional advice and only practise tantric massages in a safe, private environment. 


Tantra puts a big emphasis on the importance of emotional and spiritual intimacy in sexual relationships. Building these connections with your partner can create a safe space to explore your sexuality and desires. This practice leads to greater trust and openness in the relationship and allows you to let go of any anxieties and stresses that may have stopped you from achieving an orgasm.


There is great importance in being present at the moment. Many individuals that experience anorgasmia may be distracted by thoughts related to work stresses, relationship problems or day-to-day anxieties that prevent them from fully experiencing the pleasure of sexual intimacy. Practising mindfulness can help you quiet your mind and focus on the present moment allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure needed to experience an orgasm.

In conclusion, anorgasmia can be discouraging for those experiencing it and disheartening for the partners of those with it. Tantra, alongside other therapies and techniques, can help you overcome these challenges. Increasing your awareness and mindfulness, focusing on breathwork, sensual touch and building intimacy in your personal life and relationship can result in a greater pleasurable sexual experience leading you to a possible orgasm. If you or your partner struggle with anorgasmia, consider exploring Tantra as a way to enhance your sexual experiences.