Whilst we are proud to say that at London Tantric we retain a very high percentage of clientele as regular bookers, we also receive a large amount of enquiries from new clients, many of whom are entirely unversed in the wonders of erotic massage.

So if you’re new to the tantric massage scene in London, this blog is for you.


We Welcome Your Questions

It is normal to have queries about therapies, terminologies, or exactly where to begin in choosing a masseuse and massage type which will suit you. With so much choice throughout London, and so many wonderful ladies’ profiles to view, it can even be a little daunting!

A reputable agency will know their masseuses incredibly well, and have plenty of information to provide about exactly what each therapy offered entails.

Here at London Tantric we also ensure all masseuses are interviewed and trained by us in person, meaning we are well placed to advise as to their skills and attributes.  All of our receptionists are knowledgeable about the therapies we offer, so will happily answer any query you have.


Below are some frequently asked questions, plus advice to help you get the most out of your sensual massage adventures in London….


Where will my massage happen?

Many agencies offer both incall massage and outcall massage.

An incall is where you visit the masseuse at her location.

Our London Tantric ladies meet their clients at their private apartments, where there are never multiple clients present or other ladies massaging. If you are shopping around, either in London or elsewhere, we advise you ask the question as to whether the location is discrete and privately owned or rented by the lady, this will help eliminate any unethical or illegal practices, or risking the displeasure of having your relaxation interrupted by the sounds of other people using the property. An incall massage session should be a luxurious haven in which you can both connect intimately and fully unwind, this is the experience we guarantee to all of our clients.

Outcall massage is where the masseuse travels to your hotel or residence, bringing her massage oils, candles and music, so that all you need to provide are a few clean towels and a willingness to lay back and be utterly pampered from head to toe.

Sometimes we are asked whether incall or outcall is better: this is entirely based on your preference as both types of session will provide an equal amount of sensuality, therapeutic massage, connection and pleasure.

So we advise to choose whichever you prefer. Perhaps the biggest deciding factor for you will be location. For incalls we are based throughout central London, covering Mayfair, Park Lane, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Marylebone and many other central and salubrious neighbourhoods. (For full information, see our Locations menu, or call us for a list of available masseuses by area).

We also cover all of central London for outcalls to hotels and residences, and can have a masseuse with you within 30 minutes of the booking confirmation.


You have lots of Massage Therapies on offer. What is the difference between them?

All of our therapies incorporate a body to body technique.

The therapies listed in our Massages menu are additional massage styles or techniques which you can include, in order to tailor the body to body massage session to your personal desires. To enhance your indulgence with additional therapies, we advise reading through our Massages pages and asking for recommendations when you call us, as we are happy to discuss the merits of our individual therapies. It may help to ask yourself what kind of expereince you would like to have, for example is complete relaxation a priority for you? Or perhaps you need a rejuvenating session prior to an important business meeting? Do you have any boundaries or fantasies you wish to explore with an experienced tantrica? Or perhaps you have muscular pain or tension which would be best satisfied by certain therapies. 


How Do I Choose The Best Masseuse?

With a gallery of masseuses as enticing as this, we appreciate why this is a very pertinent question. For each of our masseuses we have a profile page, listing all the therapies she is trained in, her personal information, her level of massage training, and the London area where she receives incall clients.

However you may prefer a more personal touch when making your decision, especially as this is your first tantric massage experience so, let’s face it, you may have dreamed of this erotic indulgence for some time. Plus the answer as to who is the best masseuse will vary client to client; all of our masseuses are highly trained, personable, sensual, friendly and beautiful, though who is the most recommended also depends on your preferences. It’s our job to ensure your first massage session surpasses expectations. So do arm us with as much information as you are happy to provide in regards to your personal preferences, so that we can use our intimate knowledge of the masseuses to recommend those who will best suit your desires.


My question isn’t covered here, and I’m embarrassed to ask it!

We understand that it may feel a little peculiar to pick up the phone and ask a stranger a question about sensual massage. Though it may help to know that we have happily answered all kinds of questions in the years we’ve been running the agency, and that all enquiries are treated with confidentiality and a genuine wish to provide you with the ideal tantric massage session for you.

Feel free to call us any time between 10.00am -01.00am each day on +447793 203224 .

Or if you would prefer to make your initial contact non verbally, then we would be happy to answer an initial query via email to [email protected] or by you messaging us using our Enquiry form on our homepage.