Just imagine the anticipation of warm oil on your skin; the delightful sensation as it drips onto your naked flesh, and slides tantalizingly down your back, and along your thighs and legs. A hot oil massage at London Tantric provides this and a whole lot more, and will open you up to a whole new sensual massage experience!

When you book a hot oil massage with one of our beautiful tantricas, you will be met by flickering candlelight and relaxing music. You will be asked to lie back, relax, and enjoy the sensuous perfumes that envelope you as she gets to work on your energy chakras. Chakras, or energy centres, are located along the axis of your spine and your chosen girl will be trained in massage and the ancient techniques of tantra, so she is an expert in arousing those hidden energies.

She will apply the hot oil at just the right temperature so as to tease and thrill you. We also offer candle wax massage using specialist massage candles which have a low heat melting point and so are suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body; the properties of the candle oil will condition your skin and make you feel truly pampered.

The warm oil provides a deliciously lubricating surface for your masseuse to glide her beautiful hands and fingers across your body and your tantric goddess will know just how to touch you so you feel completely and utterly lost in the moment. A tantric massage involves your masseuse stroking her own toned but supple body along your tingling flesh for the ultimate sensuous tantric massage.

Book a hot oil massage at London Tantric for a truly healing, comforting, and arousing tantric experience. As well as beautifully soft skin, you will be left feeling rejuvenated and warm from top to toe!