Guide To Meditation For Tantric Sex

If you're interested in the art of meditation, yoga, or spirituality, you've probably heard of Tantra and tantric meditation. If none of these topics appeals to you, you've probably heard about tantric meditation sex.

Tantric meditation is usually connected with tantric sex in the western world, which is a type of slow meditative intercourse aimed at moving sexual energy throughout the body for healing, change, and enlightenment. Unlike conventional sexual interactions, the purpose of tantric sex is to enjoy the sexual journey and sensations of the body.

While there's nothing wrong with linking sex to this type of meditation, it's only a tiny part of what tantric meditation consists of. Today, we will dive deeper into the history of tantric meditation, its purpose and the most popular ones you can try yourself.

What Is A Tantric Meditation?

The technique blends movement, breathing, meditation, and sound to help us open our chakras. When the chakras are open, energy can quickly move through the seven chakra systems.

This divine force begins in the pelvis and travels up the spine, passing through the other energy centres until it reaches the Sahasrara, or crown chakra. It can help people recover from long-term traumas, release stress and tension, increase consciousness and insight, and connect better with themselves and others.

Tantric meditation is based on the Tantric practice of Nyasa, which involves visualising mantras or deities in various body parts. The meditation centres on the light in this version. One of its goals is to make you aware of the physical body's inherently spiritual nature, which Tantrikas consider to be a concentrated form of divine light or divine sound vibration.

The History Of The Tantric Meditation

Tantric meditation's history, like that of yoga and other kinds of meditation, is shrouded in mystery, and its precise origin date is a hot issue of debate. One point of agreement is the origins, which goes back to the Indus Valley civilisation, which flourished in Pakistan and Northern India.

Some say it started between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago, when the Vedas, the earliest yogic books, were written. Others, on the other hand, believe the practice began about 300-400 CE when the earliest Hindu and Buddhist Tantric thoughts were written down. Tantric ideas are also supposed to have been discovered in Egypt's ancient dynasty and can now be found in Islamic Sufism, Kabbalah Judaism, Christianity, and Chinese Taoism esoteric notions.

How Is Tantric Meditation Different?

Compared to other types of meditation widely accepted among Buddhists, Tantric meditation is frowned upon owing to its use of rituals and is regarded as a degeneration. The actual practices of Vajrayana meditation are also kept secret, accessible only to those who have been invited and forbidden to others.

What Are Different Tantra Meditation Colours?

Tantra meditation, like chakra meditation, has its own set of colours that are all relevant to the practice. Most Westerners are only familiar with red and white tantric meditation. However, there are two other colours to consider: pink and black.

Red Tantra

It is the most well-known Tantra. It focuses on sensuality and sexuality, as well as tantric intercourse. You can practice red tantric meditation by yourself or with a partner. It consists of deep breathing techniques to help you relax and immerse yourself in the experience. In addition, softly stroking yourself or your partner, staring into each other's eyes, tasting, listening to sensual music, and lighting candles to help set the tone and engage your sense of smell. It promises to bring couples closer, enhance sexual encounters, and deepen bonds.

White Tantra

Unlike red tantric meditation, white tantric meditation is not centred on sex. This technique is intended to help you repair your body and soul by releasing profound subconscious barriers. White tantric yoga practitioners claim that a day without this sort of exercise is equivalent to a year of meditation and that the effects felt on that day can last up to 40 days.

Unlike other kinds of meditation, White Tantra is frequently a guided practice led by a teacher. White Tantra is supposed to purify and refine the heart, allowing us to stay in constant love even in the presence of hostile individuals and evil deeds. We become transcendental beings like Buddha or Jesus when we transcend these factors.

Pink Tantra

It is a combination of spiritual and sensual elements. It's a mix of red and white tantras. Pinks allow us to embrace and accept our physical wants without the stigma that society has placed on us.

Black Tantra

If there were a place for black magic in meditation, it would be in the black Tantra. Those who practise it are thought to be able to control others by channelling heavy and evil energies. Black tantra meditation practitioners utilise alcohol, meat, dung, and even human corpses to enhance and deepen their wicked intentions.

How To Begin A Tantric Meditation?

As we mentioned before, unlike other styles of meditation that may be done alone, Tantric meditation often necessitates a level of awareness that is difficult to accomplish on your own. As a result, it's advisable to seek out a guru or a guided meditation guide to assist you in understanding and practising correctly. 

It can be accomplished through our classes with tantric meditation professionals. However, we will share one you can do with your partner at home.

There are different ways for a tantric meditation, but heart-to-heart is one of the most popular.

Bring your hands to your own heart and breathe up into your soul while facing each other with a loving stare.

Reach and place your right hand on your partner's heart as you feel the love welling up in your heart for them. They can then place their right hand on your heart.

The left hand of each individual then covers the hand on their own heart. Slow, deep, nourishing breaths should be synchronised with your breathing.

Receive breath and love into your heart on the inhale, then send that love down your right arm and into your partner's heart on the exhale, creating a circuit of passion and energy between you. Do this for about ten breaths.

It is a very relaxing and easy practice that you can try yourself, but for a complete experience, we recommend booking a session with our professionals. Contact us today to experience the power of the Tantric meditation