Having explored the ways in which your sexual energy can be slowly and teasingly heightened with tantric massage in last week’s blog, this week our resident tantric expert Rose Colette Aston turns her attention to sustaining this feeling of erotic bliss for as long as possible.


Building Your Arousal Gradually

Remembering that tantric massage is not about rushing through this moment to another destination, we stay with the sensations of pleasure for as long as we can sustain them, savoring this sensual adventure for as long as our bodies and minds allow us to. Your tantric masseuse will assist by using her intuitive powers and practiced skills to help prolong your arousal, whilst continuing to deepen your pleasure.


Moving Sensual Energy Through The Body

An exciting technique which I enjoy using at this stage is to focus on the chakras in order to heighten the flow of sensual energy through the body still further, supporting and increasing eroticism, and also deepening my connection to my partner still further. Whilst still providing a teasing body to body massage, I massage the area of the root chakra, building the energy in this one area (and accompanying this with guided pranayama and visualization techniques for those clients with whom I have already begun exploring these methods earlier in the session/ in previous sessions). Using massage techniques which energise this area, I move the focus up to the next chakra, again rejuvenating this area with sensuous strokes, using both my hands and my body, circulating the energy through the chakra, before bringing attention back to root chakra and beginning again. With each rhythm, we take in the next chakra, pushing the energy gradually up through the body before circling it back down. Each rhythm heightens arousal and intimacy yet further.


The Perfect Erotic Energy Climax

This chakra work also helps the recipient stay anchored to their bodies and therefore able to fully inhabit the present moment. Our most orgasmic experiences occur when our bodies and minds are in sync, and so at this stage of a session it’s vital to manage this energy carefully so as not to break the spell or to rush the ecstasy.

When this moment finally arrives and your masseuse can sense that you can hold your arousal at bay no longer, she will expertly and lovingly guide you towards the pinnacle of your erotic energy. It’s not uncommon for this pleasure to build to a full body orgasm, a sublimely powerful erotic sensation where your body, mind and soul feel perfectly aligned and you feel satiated by a release of erotic energy unlike any other.


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