Sometimes it may seem like we live in a cold world which is why at London Tantric we do our best to keep everything warm and inviting. Getting a tantric massage is probably one of the most intimate experiences you can have so it’s our job to make sure you get the best experience possible. From the moment a masseuse arrives to your door step she is dedicated to making sure you are comfortable, relaxed and ready for some fun. The oils the girls use are of the highest quality and catered especially to stimulate your senses and prepare your skin for all the pampering it’s about to receive. Depending on the massage you’ll be completely lathered in warm oil that’ll heighten the sensory delight of teasing caresses which are to follow. The oils also have a nice mellow scent that will help you relax even further as your masseuse begins to work on your breathing. You’ll be thrust into the massage then and the more intimate her touch gets the more you will want to simply melt onto the bed sheets below.

Some people begin resisting the massage at this stage, particularly first timers, because it’s quite a new sensation to be completely nude and experiencing such emotions with someone else. It’s important then to relax even further and accept that the pleasure you’re feeling is not only normal but welcomed by your body. You’ll begin to open up further as the massage progresses and the rhythm of your masseuse’s body and hands gets a bit faster and more potent. Your hips might feel like lifting off the sheets and it’s important for you to do, say and express whatever you’re feeling. There is no need to be quiet or ignore your impulses, feel free to communicate what you are experiencing, or what you wish to experience, with your masseuse.

In the end the massage is there to make you feel good and if you need to express that, feel free. By the end of it you should feel satisfied and relieved which is the entire point. You might feel the need to rest for a bit or to hug your masseuse and remember this is all welcomed and encouraged because it’s our job to make you feel warm and happy.