Most people associate foreplay with everything that comes before oral sex and sexual intercourse. Well, foreplay can actually be classified as anything playful that you engage in with your partner to turn each other on and set the mood. Bearing that in mind, which foreplay activities should you try out first? Well in this article we discuss 6 different foreplay ideas that we highly recommend.

You May Be Thinking, Why Should I Consider Foreplay?

Foreplay can build sexual tension and help you develop a deeper bond with your partner. This will lead to a better emotional connection and a better understanding of their sexual desires. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse is mainly focused on reaching a climatic point. 

Any foreplay such as kissing, touching and feeling your partner not only has a physical effect on our bodies but can also result in an improved psychological connection that enriches future sexual experiences. This is down to the chemical oxytocin that is released in our bodies when we experience physical contact and stimulation of the skin e.g. in response to touch, stroking, warm temperature, etc. It makes us feel warm, fuzzy and better connected to each other.

During the honeymoon stage of your relationship, there are sparks flying, passion in abundance; it’s great. However as time goes on, we can start to lose sexual desire and chemistry with our partners, and that’s where foreplay comes in.

When done correctly, the build-up to sex can often be just as pleasurable as the main event itself. In fact, foreplay can hold its own and be everything you need to reach climax. Furthermore, research has shown that many women can’t orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone.
So, without further ado, set the mood by turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and playing your most intimate music.

Advanced Kissing

Slowly lock eyes and pull them in close. Kiss them slowly and use your tongue and place your hands around their body. Sometimes moaning softly can make your partner more aroused than you may realise.

But don’t just kiss; also:

  • Nibble
  • Bite
  • Lick
  • Tickle 
  • Use fingernails
  • Massage
  • Heavy breathing
  • Stroke their hair

Nibbling or licking the earlobes and telling them sexy things can be a huge turn-on. It’s crazy that such a simple move can stimulate the body so powerfully.

Now moving down to the nape of the neck, you can experiment with some light nibbling and love bites; the effects of this should not be overlooked as they are profound. But be warned, biting too hard can hurt and actually be a turn-off for your partner - make sure you are aware of one another’s boundaries.

Find a sensitive area that makes them slightly ticklish and get closer to them. Exploring this hot spot on their body is a certified way to get them giggling and excited. Not only are sensitive areas very erotic but they’re also easy pleasure points to stimulate. A great way to initiate this contact is by using your tongue to make light circular motions.

Intimate Roleplay

Use roleplay as an opportunity to live out your wildest and weirdest fantasies. Don’t just try this at home, change locations, and experiment with new and exciting places that you’ve never been to before, sometimes it can be fun to kiss in places considered to be taboo.

Dress up as characters from your favourite film or series, a fitness instructor or even a nurse. You could try wearing tight latex or leather clothing, it can highlight and accentuate all the curves of the body and act as an instant turn on even for people that don’t have a latex fetish. The world is your oyster. Speaking of oysters, it’s interesting to note they are a natural aphrodisiac! 

Hot Soapy Showers

Warm, wet bodies caressing each other while you lather each other up with soap? A classic foreplay activity that certainly arouses both parties concerned easily within minutes. You should also try this in the bath with scented candles and aromas such as lavender and vanilla to really ignite all the senses and get you both in the mood.

Sensory play

Take foreplay to the next level with a simple, yet effective game. Blindfold your partner to elevate all their other senses, then tease them with different foods like strawberries, melted chocolate, and ice, and then finally your tongue. The excitement and anticipation of the unknown are bound to get you and your partner invigorated and closer to one another.

Sensual Massages

Sometimes we can communicate more through our body language than our words. Bearing this in mind, grab some essential oils, make sure the room is warm and dim the lights.

Start slow and make long purposeful strokes up and down the back and shoulders of your partner before proceeding to the erogenous areas of their body. Take at least 5-7 minutes to massage the lotion and make them feel nice and relaxed. Sensual massages are a key component which can be used in combination with all our other recommended foreplay activities.

Get Sweaty Together

Get into some tight-fitting sportswear such as yoga pants and go through some yoga or pilates exercises together, the sight and even scent of your partner getting all hot and sweaty is enough to get you in the mood. Make sure you have a personal and sexual shared Spotify playlist playing in the background to invigorate all the senses. Doing exercises alone should release dopamine in the brain making you feel incredible before you’ve even gotten down to any sexual activities with your partner.


Your foreplay expectations don’t have to align with what you may have seen in mainstream media. What foreplay looks like to you may differ from others. Don’t feel you have to follow the status quo or try these in a certain chronological order. Take your time and go with the flow! Also, Feel free to use flavoured lubricant if you are both comfortable advancing to the next stage of the sexual encounter, it can help make things run more smoothly during all the foreplay activities you decide to engage with.