Anxiety is a cruel feeling to be experiencing, but a common one and there are many ways to fight it off, including through spiritual and sensual experiences. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate, everyone can and will feel it at some point in their lives. It is important to recognise when you must start managing your anxiety due to it overspilling into your daily life. Mastering your mind, finding new ways to regulate your emotions and allowing your body to completely and utterly relax will all help reduce anxiety. 

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, fear or unease and is the body’s natural response when we feel under threat. Anxiety can be experienced through feelings, thoughts and physical sensations, with increased hormones like cortisol and adrenaline fueling it. Anxiety can claim control over a person’s life if not dealt with, being able to ground yourself and return your body to a relaxed state is essential.  Unfortunately, when anxiety is experienced chronically, you can experience long-term effects on your mind, body and soul. 

We’re here to tell you how to reclaim your relaxation and sensuality through tantric massage and meditation, leading to beautiful feelings of pleasure and contentment. 

But, how can we cope with it?

There are many ways to cope with anxiety. Tackling the intrusive thoughts and calming the physical symptoms will help you maintain control over your mind and stop anxiety from spiralling.

One way to cope with anxiety is through the use of Tantra, Tantra is an Ancient Indian practice that dates back more than 5,000 years. In Sanskrit, the word tantra means “woven together”. Tantra aims to bring together spirituality and sexuality to create a deep state of total relaxation, sensuality and sexual liberation.

Similarly, meditation is deeply rooted in tantric massage and the overall practice of tantra. Meditation is a set of techniques intended to encourage a heightened sense of awareness and focus on a particular thought, activity or object.  The breathing techniques used lowers stress levels and puts your body on a path to restore its peace. 

How Does Tantra, Tantric Massage & Meditation Help Fight Anxiety?

Tantra, tantric massage and meditation all help free your mind of negativity and blockages and connect you with yourself better. Getting in touch with your body by practising divine sensuality can help you regulate your feelings more easily, helping to fight off anxiety. Tantra encourages transformation, honouring all elements of the body’s responses. It uses breathwork to allow the body to become calm and grounded. To practice tantra and meditation you must discipline your mind to keep yourself entirely in the moment. This discipline will not only help your sensual and spiritual experience, but you’ll also be able to apply it when you’re feeling anxiety in everyday life. 

Not only does tantric massage include sensual touching to the body, it breaks down the walls to being intimate and sensual, and it encourages a state of complete relaxation, releasing hormones to combat anxiety. In tantric massage, touch in itself is regarded as a healing technique. It is a chance to let go of all inhibitions and become emotionally liberated. 

Meditation can help to reduce worrying thoughts and bring a feeling of balance to the body. It can also help reduce stress and fatigue. Meditation can often seem overwhelming due to misinformation and being overcomplicated in the media. In reality, meditation can be as little as a few minutes per day. By taking the time to yourself to rediscover your connection with inner calm, your anxiety will be reduced. The process of meditation takes time to develop and feel at peace with yourself, so take it slowly. 

Meditation, when used as a method of treating anxiety, normally takes the form of mindfulness-based meditation. This is a stress relieving or reduction approach that teaches your body to detach itself from your anxious thoughts. Through learning to control your emotions, identifying tension in the body and practising awareness, you can gain autonomy over your mind and body. It can help separate your anxiety from your overall being. 

There has also been scientific research to support the use of meditation when trying to fight anxiety. For example, a large study showed 89.4% found their anxiety reduced when they regularly practised meditation. However, some people can find meditation difficult. This is perfectly normal and it’s important to realise that meditation is a skill that takes time to perfect and you must keep practising no matter how discouraged you feel.  

To conclude, a combination of tantra, tantric massage and meditation can do wonders to fight off anxiety in a multitude of ways. At London Tantric, we encourage you to seek the help of our tantric massage gurus for whatever reason your body is calling for. Tantra is the art of discovering new things for your mind, body and soul; it can be a life-changing experience to nurture yourself and maintain joy. Discover the beautiful art of tantric massage at London Tantric.