Last week I left you with a tantalising promise. After telling you all about the amazing experience that intrigues that intrigues so many people, this week I am going to let you into some of the tricks of our trade. A full body orgasm may sound too pleasurable to be true, or at least near impossible to achieve, but it is in fact a fundamental that the rest of tantric practice is built upon. A professional tantric practitioner can help guide you through these steps, sometimes with little input from you needed at all. The potential of this literally mind blowing experience lies within her soft and skilled hand. Putting her mastery of the sensual energies to use your beautiful masseuse will work your body’s many, often undiscovered, eager erogenous spots to build a deep and complex pleasure within you. With her touch she will guide these energies around the body, channeling them through your consciousness, and the body’s largest sex organ, the brain to their point of ultimate release.

Utilising the power of the mind is the key in building up to the full body orgasm, which unlike ordinary sexual gratification, is an experience that many note can last for hours or even days! This wonderful lingering tantric energy can fight off stress long after your massage has ended. The full body orgasm is a rejuvenating and empowering experience unlike anything else you will have known. Beyond encompassing your whole body in its waves of the greatest pleasure known to humankind, it builds a new level of awareness and receptiveness to pleasure as well as tantra’s many other benefits.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this unique tantric experience is that with the circulation of physical pleasure from the body’s most sensitive and receptive zones to the brain, your masseuse will also circulate the consciousness of the mind to build a mastery of your body’s erotic energies. The full body orgasm is hence an unbelievable experience of heightened consciousness, of control and release combined. With an awareness of your body’s potential for pleasure that is truly awakening and spiritually enhanced, understanding your body as one with your mind, the potential for advancement in all areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - is vast.

Now you see how allowing a professional tantric masseuse to pamper you with a full body massage is more than simply a quick pleasure fix. Those in the know about tantric practice know it is key to releasing your full potential as a human being. This explains why we love to share this incredible and intimate experience with our clients. We simply adore to share our skills and knowledge with you, bringing the many benefits of tantra and the erotic arts into your life!

Tantric Rose xx