Last week when I was discussing the juicy topic of tantric massages and intelligence I mentioned how breathing is one of the ways tantric massages manage to calm and relax a person. Pranayama, also known as breathwork, is vital to tantric practitioners in order to still our own minds so that we can allow the energy to flow freely. We also use it to synchronize our breathing patterns in order to connect more deeply with our clients, enabling us to better intuit their needs and desires.

The act of breathing is so important and a lot of people actually don’t know how to breathe correctly to deal with their emotions which is why so often people that are unhappy either keep it all inside or explode with anger or sadness. This can lead to horrible things like panic attacks, depression and uncontrollable rage. So, when you’re able to control your breathing you’re not just controlling your emotions but are actually learning how to deal with them and release them correctly.

Imagine that your emotions (the negative and positive) are currents of water and when they stir you have two options; you either guide them through your body to make sure they are controlled or you can allow them to take control and wreak havoc on their way. The technique that is used for this is deep breathing which also goes by the names “diaphragmatic breathing”, abdominal breathing, belly breathing, and paced respiration. When you breathe deeply, the air that is coming in through your nose completely fills your lungs, and the lower abdomen rises. Deep abdominal breathing boosts full oxygen exchange. This means that the valuable trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide is heightened.  And this means that through the breathing alone we can slow our heartbeat and lower or stabilize your blood pressure.

Of course you can practice deep breathing on your own but what Tantra offers you are the benefits of deep breathing plus the added benefits of a sensual and meaningful encounter. It’s an overflow of warmth, sensuality, touch, breathing and pleasure. It’s a perfect combination to help you learn how to live a more relaxing life with better control over your emotions and a sexual enlightenment.

Our tantric masseuses are highly trained in guiding their clients through breathing techniques which will ensure greater relaxation and promote improved mindfulness, skills which are beneficial to you long after your session ends. These techniques of course have the added benefit of serving to heighten both your enjoyment and arousal during the massage itself too. By bringing the focus inward, you are able to connect more fully with them moment, which in turn heightens the pleasuble nature of the physical sensations you are experiencing. Moreover these breathing techniques can be highly intimate in themselves, as your masseuse embraces you closely or lays her hand on your heart chakra, so that you may be guided by following her own deep breathing. The connection between masseuse and client in these moments is often intense and adds to the frisson of excitement as you both imagine what is to come in the session. 

By closing the massage out in this manner too, we remember to reconnect with that sense of peace and unity which we felt before our arousal levels took over and this grounds us to the practice of mindfulness, enabling us to carry with us the benefits of the tantric practice into our daily lives. It also roots us to that intimate connection with our tantrica, and gives us the space in which to gently come back to earth in a nurturing way, following reaching the sublime heights of erotic arousal.