Four Hand massages are always such an adventure for us tantric masseuses, whether it’s with a masseuse we already have a connection with, or whether it’s an exploration of a new sensual chemistry with a tantra practitioner we have yet to meet.

It’s a massage experience which I highly recommend to anyone intrigued to try it. I mean, what could be more enticing than two gorgeous ladies who are experts in sensual touch, pampering every inch of your body, whilst feeding off their sexual chemistry in addition to their chemistry with you? Having two tantric goddesses for a massage serves to heighten the erotic intensity of the session, not to mention how visually exciting a four hand massage is… Imagine laying back and looking at two beautiful ladies, naked and stroking your skin with their skilled massage strokes, using their perfect curves to further excite you, connecting both with you and with each other through flirtatious glances, and soothing yet arousing touch.

Massaging with another tantrica is often also an enlightening experience for me, which helps to inform my own practice. Tantric masseuses have their own distinctive styles, which is inevitable when your practice comes from the heart. Her tantric technique is therefore as individual as she is, and when this meets the shared chemistry she has with you, it will also bring out uniquely sensual results. So witnessing how other masseuses interact with the client, as we meld our sensual energies together in this delicious threefold dynamic, can rejuvenate my own excitement about tantra, because invariably it is always exciting to be massaging with someone who shares the same sensual passions as you.

I have been fortunate to massage with some very sexy, and incredibly skilled, masseuses over the years, and it is certainly a major perk of the job. So do feel free to treat your masseuse to a four hand experience, or indeed to unite two masseuses previously unknown to you for an additional excitement factor as you head off into unchartered waters of eroticism.

London Tantric know their ladies exceptionally well so can easily recommend your perfect four hand pairing if this is a fantasy you wish to enact.

Rose xxx