This week we welcome back popular authentic tantra practitioner Maya, and are privileged to share her tantric secrets:

'A lingam massage is as much a spiritual and healing practice for the giver as it is for the receiver. It is essential that the attitude and mindset is of the correct intention so that the focus is purely on the sexually awakening aspects of it that influence the energy flow, rather than the concern being for sexual gratification or eroticism. Even though the massage will likely feel erotic and sensual, this is not the purpose of the massage.

Part of the pleasure for the male is found in the passive role that is played so that he is fully conscious and fully aware of each sensation that is taking place and is free to submerge fully into relaxation so that the body is highly sensitised and awakened to each movement that is taking place.

The massage focuses on the spiritual and healing aspects, however, it is also perfectly normal and natural for feelings of eroticism to take over the whole body, resulting in him attaining the heights of pleasure. The body will likely shiver and pulsate as Kundalini energy is released with the receiver being elevated to a higher spiritual plane.

The receiver should remain resting in silence for several minutes after the massage has taken place so that they can fully absorb every sensation their body is feeling, and so that the mind and spirit also are awakened to every aspect of energy clearing, rejuvenation, healing and cleansing that has taken place.

The after effects of this deeply sensual and healing experience will be felt in deep and intense waves of sexual energy that will circulate the whole mind, body and soul, lasting for hours and very likely many days after the massage.' Maya xx


If you wish to expereince this level of deep relaxation and arousal, give us a call today to book Mayfair beauty Maya.