The very delightful, beautiful and highly skilled authentic masseuse Mia is an extraodinary lady. With some of the best feedback we have ever seen at London Tantric, which clearly comes from her true love and passion for erotic body work, we sat and had an in depth discussion about how her tantric journey began. 15 profound and telling questions with exciting answers, we are very priveleged to share our exclusive interview;

How long have you been practising tantra?
Precisely 2 years ago I went to my first Tantra festival in India and in there the first time I learned how to connect, melt with another human being and disappear into bliss.
How did you start on your tantric massage journey?
I had practiced sensual massage before and after the festival I started to introduce a drop of mindfulness into my practice and was blown away by the response.  I was so mesmerised by the human body and erotic potential that for these two years I studied extensively with world renowned Tantra and erotic bodywork teachers, studying Tao Tantra, Kaishmiri Tantra massage, Taoist Erotic massage and Sexological bodywork. 
Have you travelled nationally or internationally to aid your experience?
Oh yes, last year it was really non-stop Conscious sexuality conferences, Tantra retreats, trainings and festivals in Estonia, Poland, Greece, Bali, India, Australia, Mexico. 
Do you have holistic massage qualifications?
Yes I qualified as a Holistic massage therapist 4 years ago and was insatiable in my desire to learn bodywork, thus I have certifications in Indian head massage, Thai Yoga massage, Trigger points and facial rejuvenation massage. 
Have you attended workshops or further training to better your tantric understanding?
Yes, last year I went in very profound learning’s of Tao Tantra Sacred sexual arts for women, Kaishmiri Tantra massage, this year I completed my education in Sexological bodywork which means that I have gained skills to bring more authentic pleasure and mindfulness into the sessions. 
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a tantric massage? Can you describe how you felt after the massage?
For any human being, and especially for someone who brings forth erotic pleasure it is paramount to receive the sessions from a professional erotic therapist. The somatic delights and lessons Ive learned whilst receiving have influenced also how deep and connected I can open up in the sessions I guide. I have received numerous yoni massages and have booked in session for female ejaculation ( want to experience it!), have had body and genitals pleasure mappings ( they are divine!), and when I want to indulge I get myself  the Taoist erotic massage. 
Have you experienced a full body orgasm? Can you describe the feeling?
Well yes, like after every kind of energy release you feel so much bigger, expanded and floaty. 
In 4 words how would you describe your tantric style?
Connection, melting, expansion, integration
Are there any special secrets that you would like to share with us about your technique?
In 2 years I have learned that even if at the beginning it seems tiring and boring to learn to work with the breath, once you get into it, it also releases enormous potential for the full body pleasure and mind-blowing, out of this universe orgasms. 
If you retired from massage and started a new career what would it be? no boundaries!
Well then I would like to be a beach bum, I could have a little business like a surf shop, snorkel, scuba diving, beach clothing or juice bar. Chilled, laid back and full on sunshine - those would be my days. 
If you could have a super power what would it be?
To make everyone laugh and drop their rigid views at an instant and then melt in cuddle puddle with others. 
How did your career at London tantric begin?
A friend of mine was working for them and she introduced me to them.
How do you feel about them as an agency? 
They are incredibly professional, organised and honest, I feel supported by them in every aspect. 
What motivates you?
I like to see people blissed out and happy. 
Out of the ladies on the site, who do you feel you work with best for 4hand massages?
I have very good connection with Renee and with my best friend Alesssia, as we have very close bond outside work, we have created a great massage choreography to really take the lucky man to the heavens and back.