Multiple orgasms are something we’d probably all like to achieve! But some (the lucky ones we call them) who have experienced multi-orgasmic states can agree that it feels like rolling waves of pleasure. It’s commonly thought that only women can have multiple orgasms but in fact, there is evidence of men being able to do so too. 

But the question remains, how do we achieve it?

This blog will share a few tips on how you can help yourself have multi-orgasmic sex.

What Is A Multiple Orgasm?

As mentioned earlier, multiple orgasms are where you experience more than one orgasm during one single session of sexual intercourse. It sounds dreamy, we know. One orgasm can be difficult for an individual to achieve, so ultimately, being able to have multiple orgasms can be pretty tricky. 

Understand your body

Understanding your body and what you like is a huge factor in reaching your sexual peak and is something you should explore, whether that’s role play, sensory foreplay, tantric massage or anything else in between. 

Before you have any expectations on how someone else can help you reach climax, our advice is to understand your own body first. What’s pleasurable to you? Do you enjoy using sex toys such as vibrators? How many fingers get you to where you’d like to go? Ask yourself all these questions and get comfortable with exploring your body. It’s yours, after all; who first should know it best?

Hopefully, once you understand your body better, you will be more comfortable with being sexually open to expressing yourself in the bedroom with a partner and be able to vocalise what works and what doesn’t. Not to mention being able to get straight to the good stuff!

Work on ‘peaking’ techniques

Practising your peak game is ultimately working on reaching the tipping point of orgasm without tipping over the second you get there. By postponing the moment you are waiting for and levelling yourself out time after time, you can increase the intensity of the orgasm once it is reached. This can also keep you in an orgasmic state for a more extended amount of time and lead to you having multiple orgasms. 

Work on staying present at the moment and constantly being connected to your feelings and your sexual partners. Practising peaking techniques can be done alone during masturbation or with a partner. This relates to understanding your body and what you will need to keep you at that tipping point, and what will bring you down a notch. 

Using peaking techniques is also a great way to increase that level of excitement whilst also producing a higher level of endorphins - a hormone that’s released during sexual intercourse.

Stay Relaxed And Try Not To Apply Pressure

Have you ever really had to try to reach climax and just couldn’t? It’s not a great feeling and can leave you quite underwhelmed or frustrated. During sex, you must be completely relaxed; otherwise, you will likely be unable to have an orgasm as anxiety and nerves begin to fill your head. So, when trying to achieve multiple orgasms, perhaps you should start by letting go of your determination to have one. 

When having sexual intercourse, you should be as relaxed and comfortable with the person as possible so your body can completely let go. Try not to apply too much pressure to reaching climax and focus more on allowing your body and mind to be 100% in the moment. Breathing is everything!

Breathing plays a big part in the likelihood of reaching a second or third orgasm, so don’t get so fixated on climaxing that you forget to breathe! Breathing deeply and consciously promotes good blood flow to the genitals, leading to a stronger orgasm and heightening pleasure. 

To conclude: Practice makes perfect!

We all wish we could uncover that one special secret that would allow us all to climax multiple times whenever we want, but unfortunately, the holy grail is yet to be uncovered. 

So, in the meantime, we work on staying in pleasurable moments for more extended periods whilst also being able to reach climatic points if we can. You mustn’t apply too much pressure on yourself, and remember that practice makes perfect…so get practising! Book your next visit at London Tantric and experience your first tantric massage that could perhaps give you your first multi-orgasmic awakening.