A treat for both your beautiful masseuse and yourself is to enjoy an intimate dinner pre-massage. Many clients enjoy taking their beautiful companion out to taste the delights of London’s many high-class eateries. Some regulars may have built up a natural interest in one of our girls as they return time and time again to enjoy the erotic delights of her tantric massage. Having found the perfect match for their physical desires they long to know more of her many charms, her wit and humour, what lingers behind her seductive smile and beautiful smoldering eyes. Others find a dinner prior to their massage is the perfect trick every time to put them at ease with the experience, enjoying them as conversation flows freely over delicious food and drinks in a public setting.

Of course there is something to be said for both the admiration you will receive for taking out such a beautiful date and the opportunity to tantalize yourself for the pleasures to come, admiring your stunning companion. A sure fire way to build extra tension and allow yourself the most pleasurable release. As well as this, imagine the ways in which our beautiful girls would repay you for treating them to a delicious meal or drinks, she is sure to impress you in return for your efforts to show her more of the pleasures in life. In central London there is always somewhere new to pique your fancy or an old favorite spot that never fails to seal the deal. Why not enjoy some of the best London has to offer together with a beautiful and gracious companion? 

You may wish to talk about the stresses of your day with a friendly ear or expand upon your interests. You might be surprised what our multitalented (and multi-lingual) beauties get up to in their spare time and you will surely never be lost for words talking with one of our girls. From intelligent and intense French belles to fiery and vivacious Latinas, elegant English roses to warm natured, startlingly beautiful Eastern European temptresses. You are sure to find the perfect match for you amongst our elite masseuses and embark on an evening like no other getting to know one of our girls, sharing conversation and admiring her beauty as you build tensions for the pleasures to come.