We’re all thinking it — does tantric massage imply sex? 

The confusion between sensual, erotic and tantric massages and the mystery about what actually happens during a tantric session can lead people to assume tantric massage is code for sexual activity. 

Spoiler alert: This is simply not true. 

Yet we can see where the confusion comes from. 

Tantric massage is often linked with sex as people refer to sexual healing and its sexual benefits when talking about their experience. 

It’s true. This form of intimate massage is inherently sexual. Yet, it’s not about the physical act of having sex. 

In this blog, we explore every aspect of the taboo to clear up any stigma surrounding the topic. 

Does Tantric Massage Result in Sex? 

A tantric massage doesn’t result in sexual activity, although some may feel a release of sexual tension as a result. 

As its name suggests, tantric massage is a massage guided by tantric practices. 

When receiving a tantric massage, you’ll notice that the experience feels spiritual as it takes a slow pace, incorporating ancient principles and practises like yoga and meditation. 

For most people, tantric massage is an intimate, calming experience that allows them to feel cleansed — both mentally and physically. 

When we talk about tantric massage, we often talk about a build-up of tension and release. 

This process describes the slow and steady intensity of the massage and the attention given to the whole body. 

So in this sense, a tantric massage does reach a point of climax — albeit, not a sexual one.

Will You Feel Aroused during Tantric Practice?

Some clients may feel aroused during a tantric massage. 

This is normal and can actually provide multiple benefits for the individual. Post-massage, you may leave feeling more confident, relaxed and ready to engage in sexual activity. 

Whether you have a partner or not, this form of stimulation can improve your sex life and your relationship with your body. 

Arousal happens as a result of the intimacy involved. 

The four elements of tantric massage — slow pace, intimacy, breathwork and arousal — make this treatment a bonding experience, as well as a physical form of therapy. 

There’s no shame in feeling aroused during the session. In some cases, your masseuse may mirror your emotions.

In an ideal scenario, you’ll let go of your conscious thoughts during the massage to experience a true sense of escapism. This will stop you from asking questions about your emotions and instead, will allow you to focus on being present. 

Why Is Tantric Massage Related to Sexual Healing?

A key part of sex is intimacy — which is often formed through tantric massage. 

Clients will decide to engage in tantric massage for a variety of reasons. Some of the common motivations are: 

  • Seeking companionship 
  • Seeking self-acceptance
  • Physical exploration 
  • Spiritual curiosity 
  • Deepening the meaning of sex 
  • Overcoming trauma 
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Seeking escapism  
  • Increasing libido 
  • Improving self-care

Intimacy, in part, fixes all of these issues that one way or another can link to sexual health.  

Our expert masseuses create intimacy through the confidence, expertise and positive energy they bring to the table (or bed, in this case). 

So, even if you’re not confident or experienced, this doesn’t matter. 

Gaining these characteristics, especially intimacy — both with another person and with yourself — will allow you to be more confident in the bedroom going forward. This is why tantric massage is often rightly linked with sexual healing.  

The Sexual Benefits of Tantric Massage

Finally, tantric massage often links to sex because of its sexual benefits. 

Although you won’t experience sex during a tantric massage, your sex life will be much better off for it. 


Here is a more full of list of benefits and how they relate to your sex life: 

  • Reduction of stress — If your body is hanging on to a lot of physical and mental stress, it can be hard to silence your mind and relax. Those with promoted levels of relaxation will find it easier to feel “in the mood” for intimacy and enjoy a heightened libido. 
  • Increased mental clarity — Sex is an intense physical and emotional act that must take centre stage mentally. For good sex to happen, you’ll need to have unloaded your worries and anxieties so none of these surfaces in the heat of the moment. 
  • Heightened pleasure potential — After a massage, your body is less tense, more flexible and generally less stressed. As a result, you’ll find your body is more receptive to touch and ready to experience unprecedented amounts of pleasure. 
  • Enhanced spiritual awareness — Ancient tantra makes this massage type just as much about experiencing a spiritual awakening as it is about the physicality of a massage. After having a tantric massage, your newfound outlook could make you more interested in sexual experiences, rather than material ones. 
  • Improved mood and wellbeing — It’s no secret that it’s easier to have sex when you’re happy. Your improved mood and overall wellbeing will open up new opportunities for intimacy by improving your relationships and outlook on life. 
  • Cleansed emotions — As well as instilling positive energy, tantric massage works to unblock emotions and remote negative thoughts and feelings. It works by putting you in a better mood, as well as allowing you to face up to any issues hidden in your subconscious. 
  • Boosted health and vitality — After this intense treatment, you should feel rejuvenated, nourished and less tense. The improvement in your physical wellbeing will no doubt contribute towards a better sex life where you feel more in control and in sync with your body. 

Final Thoughts

Although tantric massage is sexual in nature, it doesn’t involve the act of having sex. With that said, tantric massage is a beneficial treatment type for those with sexual concerns like intimacy issues, bodily dysfunctions and mental blockages. 

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