The terms “tantric massage” and “sensual massage” are often interchanged, along with phrases like “erotic massage”— suggesting all are synonymous with each other. Even we're guilty of using the word sensual in place of tantric in some parts of our website. But that doesn't mean a sensual massage and a tantric massage are identical. They aren't.

The two forms of massage have vast differences we'll speak about in this blog. Yet, they also resemble each other, making it hard for the average person to tell them apart.

You could class a tantric massage as sensual. A tantric session is often intimate where two or more people form a close bond and even experience arousal. So this type of massage is inherently sensual; even if it's not strictly advertised as a sensual massage. On the other hand, you can't liken a sensual massage with tantra and that's where the differences between these two practices lie.

The Difference between Tantric and Sensual Massage

You could say a sensual massage is a less developed version of tantric practice.

As the term “sensual massage” suggests, sexual energy leads the experience and the massage techniques are used to encompass the whole body. These massage services are sexual in nature, including intimate practices like a yoni massage where the vulva is cleansed during touch.

You might liken this type of experience with an erotic massage where the service focuses on massage oils, body massage and ultimately, climax.

A tantric massage, however, spans much deeper than that. While a sensual massage focuses on the physical aspect of release, tantra is concerned with the psychological impact of touch. Many people revere tantric massage as a physical form of therapy that can help with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and mental blockages.

During tantric practice, the body and mind are catered for. Practitioners rely less on hand relief and more on breathing techniques that allow the individual to enter a state of deep pleasure. This mental stimulation has plenty of benefits including increased confidence, optimal blood flow and a release of both mental and physical tension.

The ethos underpinning tantric practice is the key difference between sensual and tantric massage. A practitioner in this field needs to undergo training to develop the skills and ability to perform a tantric massage. The approach of tantra comes from ancient traditions and religions — as referenced in Hindu and Buddhist texts. For this reason, there is a certain calmness sensual or erotic massage doesn't possess, allowing this form of massage to manage anxiety effectively. Ultimately, the psychology of tantric massage is about awakening your spirituality, so you reach a deeper consciousness. So, while sensual massage might promise a fleeting moment of pleasure, tantric practice has the potential to help you to achieve long-term enlightenment.

The Unique Benefits of Tantric Massage

As a more advanced version of an erotic massage, tantra has plenty of benefits unique to this type of massage therapy. These are:

Improved blood circulation — Trained, professional tantras perform traditional massage with a twist. This means you can enjoy the conventional benefits of massage, such as improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Boosted nervous system — As well as benefitting your immune system, intimate, body-to-body massage helps to relax muscle tissue and pressure points to relieve any waves of tensions within the body. In traditional massages, this is usually done by hand. In tantra, this is done through body-to-body contact to give even greater sensation and health benefits.

Deeper psychological understanding — Having troubles with matters of the heart? Tantric massage is known for its pivotal role in couples therapy and individual awakening. Any stresses, hidden desires or relationship issues you're experiencing resurface and are eventually resolved through tantra. This sexual healing allows you to find a great connection to your sense of sexuality as well as to others.

Overcome trauma — Sessions are always approached with sensitivity in a private and secure environment, allowing individuals to focus on topics, thoughts and feelings that are troubling them. Although our tantras are massage therapists and not actual therapists, tantric massage has a reputation for quickening recovery and shedding light on past problems.

These are only some of the many wellness and health benefits tantric massage has to offer that sensual massage can't.

At first glance, tantric massages seem nothing more than a bodily experience, similar to any regular service given in a massage parlour. But building awareness of the true meaning of this term will allow you to see the heightened satisfaction tantric can bring to your life and the lives of others.

Each massage session is guided by an expert therapist who’s focused on energies, tantric philosophy and the journey of the receiver, as much as the immediate feeling of massage and the relief of bodily aches and pains. It's these tantric principles that make tantric massage so special and worlds away from any other massage practice.


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