Sex has been a taboo topic for centuries, spreading numerous sex myths that have affected how people approach and experience sex. These myths are often based on false information, societal norms and a lack of knowledge. This spread results in people being misinformed, affecting their sexual experiences and even their relationships with their partners. Let's explore the most common 10 and debunk them so you can begin to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Myth One: Bigger Means Better

A matter of discussion for a long time. Many people have been led to believe that a bigger size means a better sexual experience. Studies have shown that size doesn't necessarily determine sexual satisfaction for both partners. In fact, many women report that they prefer 'average' or smaller because they are more comfortable during sex. Other factors, including communication, foreplay and emotional connection, also significantly determine sexual pleasure.

Myth Two: Men Enjoy Sex More Than Women

This myth has been around for years and is simply not true! Women can experience intense sexual pleasure just as much as men do. Women have been conditioned to believe that sex is primarily for procreation and their pleasure is not as important. In reality, women can experience a wide range of sensations during sex, including multiple orgasms. Communicating with your partner can also enhance a woman's experience during sexual intercourse.

Myth Three: People In Relationships Do Not Masturbate

Masturbation is a natural part of human sexuality and has numerous benefits. Masturbation can help individuals understand their bodies, relieve stress, and improve sexual performance. Contrary to popular belief, masturbation whilst in a relationship is completely normal and should have no negative effects on your relationship or sexual experiences with your partner.

Myth Four: Men Are Always Ready For Sex

Due to societal norms and media, it is thought that men should always be ready to have sexual intercourse, and any performance issues are an issue. This expectation is unrealistic and can lead to anxiety and stress. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are common issues that men face, and seeking medical advice and therapy can help alleviate these problems.

Myth Five: Good Sex Ends In An Orgasm

Orgasms are a natural part of sexual experiences; however, they are not the only way to achieve sexual satisfaction. People can enjoy sex without reaching an orgasm, and there are many other ways to enjoy pleasure during sex, including intimacy, sensuality and emotional connection.

Myth Six: Women Can't Get Pregnant During Menstruation

This myth is a common misconception that has led to unwanted pregnancies for a long time. Although the chances of pregnancy during menstruation are lower, it is still possible. Sperm can survive in the female reproductive system for up to five days, and since ovulation can occur at different times for different women, it is essential to use contraception at all times, even during menstruation, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Myth Seven: Tantric Massages End In Sexual Intercourse

This is a strong no! A tantric massage is for pleasure, not an orgasm. Although an orgasm is possible in some cases, it is not the aim of the massage. A tantric massage focuses entirely on the spiritual and emotional connection with techniques to stimulate the body and awaken the senses. This included gentle touches, deep breathing and body movements. It requires communication and trust however does not end in sexual intercourse.

Myth Eight: Sex Should Look Like Pornography

Pornography is professionally filmed with perfect lighting and paid actors; they are doing certain things in specific ways to entertain those watching. Things that happen during porn are usually uncommon is day to day sexual intercourse. Watching well-edited and scripted portrayals of sex can lead people to believe they aren't good enough or attractive enough for their partners. If you frequently watch pornography, it is important to remember it is not reality.

Myth Nine: Everyone Has Sex

This is simply not true. Having sexual intercourse in or out of a relationship is completely your choice. The opinions of others do not matter. It is also important to remember that even if you have had sex in the past, this does not mean you have to do it again. If you do not feel ready, you are not ready. Pressuring yourself in situations surrounding sexual intercourse will only lead to anxiety, stress and discomfort. While many people in relationships do experience sexual pleasure, this is not a requirement, and you should have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your boundaries.

Myth Ten: Sex Is For The Young

Sexual desire and pleasure do not diminish with age. In fact, many people report that their sexual experiences improve with age as they become more comfortable with their bodies and desires. It is essential to remember that sexuality is a natural part of the human experience and is not limited to how old you are. People of all ages and stages of life can enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure. 

In conclusion, breaking common sex myths is crucial to improving our sexual experiences and relationships. Myths about female pleasure, masturbation and performance can all cause anxiety, shame and unrealistic expectations. By debunking these myths and educating ourselves, we can embrace our sexuality, communicate with our partners and enjoy fulfilling sexual experience.