Experience the ultimate in sensory arousal with a tie and tease London Tantric massage, a deliciously dark twist on our body to body massage therapy.

Sensory Seduction To Increase Arousal

This London Tantric massage experience is the result of a meeting of minds between your dark Tantra goddess and you, offering the ultimate teasing, erotic stimulation based on a fusion of your mutual desires and kinks. Lay back and relinquish full control to one of our tantric masseuses, amidst flickering candlelight and beautiful music. Feel the tantalizing brush of silk against your wrists as she binds your hands whilst her perfect curves caress your body. You will be powerless to resist as she blindfolds you so that you are unsure when the next caress is coming, or how she may tease and please you next… Will it be a feather she teases your bare skin with, a caress from her beautiful body, or will it be something else which gets your pulse racing? Perhaps the warm shock of wax from her massage candle dripping on to your skin, sending a shock of blissful arousal through your body as pleasure and pain mingle together, shattering all cares about the world outside this room, making you lose sense of everything but this blissful moment, alone together in the candlelight, at her mercy….. As you sink deeper into relaxation during her soft, sensual body to body massage, she may surprise you with an alternate sensory experience, yet you will be unsure as to when this may happen and what type of sensation she will heighten your arousal with this time. Your pleasure is entirely in her hands, and she knows just how to increase your excitement whilst holding you on the edge of complete abandon for as long as possible, for an experience of true tantric bliss.

A Safe Space In Which To Pursue Your Sensual Desires

The ultimate in a bespoke tantric experience, our erotic dark tantra massage will heighten your senses, whilst your body is teasingly caressed by one of our beautiful London masseuses. Your mind is free to imagine all of the divine things she may do to you, and your arousal levels continue to build until you don’t know how much more you can take…. Our dark tantra goddesses know when to be strict and when to be soft; when to push you further into blissful abandon, and when you have had enough. As such, they always play consensually and will discuss boundaries as well as desires with you before the massage session begins. Do feel free to discuss your preferences either on the phone, or directly with the masseuse, in order to ensure your perfect session.

Our dark tantra masseuses are more than happy to hold you captive for hours should you prefer…. Or if the world can not relinquish you for this long however then dark tantra tie and tease massage can be easily incorporated into a 1 hour session.