An erotic couples massage is a type of massage which will allow you to connect with your partner like you’ve never done before. Either with two or four hands, an erotic couples massage allows both partners to enter a new stage of pleasure that they haven’t discovered yet. 

Planning a first-time couples massage can be both an exciting and daunting experience, so we have collated our most frequently asked questions to provide you with the best advice on how to book your first erotic couples massage in London and how to get the most out of the experience for you and your partner.

Can We Be In The Same Room For Our Massages?

Yes, absolutely. An erotic couples massage is performed in one room at the same time so that you can use it as an opportunity to intimately and sensually connect with your partner during this uniquely erotic experience. 

We do ask that you do not initiate any intimate touching with your masseuse. It’s never a bad idea to ask her what the boundaries are before the session starts, and please always respect her answers at all times.

Your masseuse’s aim will always be to enable opportunities to heighten the sensual connection, thereby giving you both a true taste of the benefits of tantric massage. Her focus will always be on honouring the union between you both and providing tantra techniques which enhance your erotic connection.

In a couples tantric massage, do we meet one masseuse or two?

This is entirely up to your personal preference. Some of our couples' clientele prefer to see just one lady, which can heighten the sensual intimacy, whilst others prefer to both be pampered head to toe at the same time, making a choice of two masseuses more practical.

This is something you can discuss with London Tantric’s lovely telephone receptionists if you’re unsure as to which option best suits your desires.

If we see one masseuse, does one of us sit and watch as the other is massaged?

You will always be welcome to play voyeur should you wish to, though this is not expected, and your masseuse will welcome you both to be more involved whilst your partner is being massaged, and vice versa. This can be a delightfully erotic experience for all involved as it means that the receiver of the massage has their partner’s attention devoted to their pleasure, in addition to the attention of their chosen tantrica. Such focusing on sensual energies can result in the sense of being loved and nurtured, a heightened state of arousal, and will likely result in a full-body orgasm.

During the massage, our masseuses will always be happy to gently guide the giving partners in turn by demonstrating kundalini raising or authentic tantric techniques to use on each other; you will leave with a heightened awareness of how to use tantric massage together to enhance to your private pleasures when you get home!

Will the masseuse or masseuses be comfortable massaging both of us?

Yes, our couples massages are always performed by highly experienced professionals that are adept in massaging both single men, single women and couples. Our couples masseuses are all genuinely bisexual and skilled at working with both female and male sensual energies and bodies. This ensures that whoever you choose from our couples gallery we will provide the same impeccably high standard of experience for both you and your partner.

How Long does a couples Massage Last

It will depend, but for example, here at London Tantric we try not to put a limit on sensual pleasure. The minimum we offer Is a one-hour session and there is no maximum time limit. As long as both you and your masseuse have the time, we are happy to offer lengthy bookings. Bookings will be charged via the rate advertised on her profile within the gallery.

Here at London Tantric we are incredibly proud to have many returning couples clientele, and we do hope that you and your partner may be amongst these numbers in future