One of the many benefits about tantric massages is how having one can help you blend your mind and your body effectively. A lot of people that book their first tantric massage only anticipate the physical experience they’re about to have, and whilst it’s true, they are likely to be close to encountering physical bliss, don’t underestimate that the amazing sensations of body to body contact and the realization that we can keep our bodies at their optimal pleasure for hours on end has an incredible effect on the mind.

When you’re laying back and enjoying your massage there often comes a moment during the experience where your mind and body suddenly merge and become one. It’s this moment where your pleasure is going to be the most that you’ve ever felt before. Before this everything your masseuse was doing, the candles, the incense, the oils dripping on your skin felt good but when your mind joins in and you begin to feel the connection of mind, body and spirit, this is when we feel the unification of body and soul, experiencing the empowerment of this unification of our physical, psychological and emotional energies.

It might seem a bit curious but for there to be pleasure, for there to be growth, the mind and the body have to be completely aligned. When you see someone at the gym working out they’re doing as much mental work as they’re doing physical and unless they can get those two things aligned they’ll never be able to achieve their true healthy potential as athletes. The same thing happens to people who are disconnected during activities that bring their body pleasure. If they don’t open their minds and allow for the pleasure to enter there too they will never get the full benefits. With tantric massages this is actually rather simple because the way you allow pleasure to enter the mind when the body is enjoying it is simple… accept that you deserve to feel this incredible and be present and in the moment. Both things are something your masseuse will make sure you’re able to achieve, and once you do there will be no force of nature that can stop you from achieving hours of complete ecstasy.