Rose Colette Aston explores how Sensual Massage can reignite passion, improve libido, support better connection between sexual partners and enhance self love.

So whether you’re married, in a partnership or playing the field, you will find ways in which a London Tantric massage can benefit you.


Sensual Massage: What Is It?

The term sensual massage refers to a massage given by an experienced erotic masseuse, who will use her hands and her body to massage you. Performed nude and using quality massage oils, this massage therapy first aims to relax you thoroughly, body and mind, so that you then may be more receptive to the seductive pleasures of being soothingly caressed all over your body by an expert tantrica who knows just how to raise and maintain your arousal levels so that you experience prolonged hedonistic pleasure at her hands.

In order to promote relaxation, your masseuse will play soothing music, and provide a calming candle-lit atmosphere. She will deliberately tailor the pace of the massage to a gentle rhythm and utilise long sweeping massage strokes known as effleurage, in order to slowly tease and caress your body, lulling you into a state of peaceful receptiveness. She will then use seductive body glides to tease and tantalise every inch of you.


Reconnect To Your Erotic Energies With Sensual Massage

Often our lives are so fast paced that we struggle to relax even when we finally get an opportunity to. This in turn means we struggle to connect with those nearest to us, often neglecting quality time spent with our partners.

As tantric masseuses we often experience amongst our clients this barrier to releasing tension and being present enough to connect. This is why we use an array of sensory techniques to bring you back to the present moment, in a relaxing, safe space where nothing is asked of you but to lay back and receive pleasure.

When we are in this state of relaxed receptivity, our ability to receive pleasure is far heightened. Moreover our ability to connect with others is also enhanced.

If you’ve ever had an experience on holiday or walking in the countryside where you’ve suddenly been carefree enough to notice how beautiful the sunlight on the waves looks, or how wonderful the birdsong sounds, and the wonder of this connection to nature and the present moment strikes you as rather profound, then you will understand why a masseuse first gets you to fully unwind in order to heighten your enjoyment, as it’s only in this relaxed and open state that we can fully experience this kind of connection.

By first sinking into a deeper state of relaxation, our erotic energies are far easier to connect with, allowing us to experience the full range of our sensual arousal. Your masseuse will intuitively know how to guide you through ever-increasing waves of arousal, helping you reach heights of eroticism which you may not have experienced for a long time, if ever,


Using These Techniques With Your Partner/s

Once you’ve experienced a London Tantric sensual massage you are likely to want to continue your erotic adventures in order to expand on this newfound pleasure.

We are very proud to say that the majority of our clients return to us many times, and perhaps this will be true of you too.

The sensual pleasures you’ve experienced, and the techniques for raising and managing arousal you’ve learned, can also be used outside of seeing your massage therapist however. You will likely find yourself more connected to your sexual energies, and perhaps more confident in expressing yourself in the bedroom. Having gained an insight into how a masseuse can use sensory touch to transport you into a blissfully aroused state, you will have learned some techniques to try on your partner/s, and also relaxation and arousal methods to use for self care and self love. These techniques are invaluable enhancements for your love life, be that aiding you in better loving yourself or others. 


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