In recent weeks our resident tantric massage expert Rose Colette Aston has been exploring how a tantric masseuse builds a session slowly, teasingly, towards heightening your arousal levels to the peak of ecstasy- possibly even revealing a level of sexual pleasure you didn’t know your body could attain (which is especially true if you are new to tantric massage). In this blog, Rose details why tantricas take their time to build arousal slowly and intuitively, and shares some of her favourite teasing techniques.


Why Tantric Masseuses Take Their Time Building Your Pleasure 

So why not cut straight to the main show you may ask, why all the delay with use of breathing techniques, visualisation and purposeful touch exercises? Put simply, it’s because they lay the groundwork for you to experience a more intense, prolonged level of arousal. When we feel safe in the environment, connected to our masseuse, and relaxed in body and mind, then we are better able to access our erotic energies and to receive pleasure. We are also less likely to rush this experience and therefore to be able to enjoy arousal for longer. The pranayama techniques we used earlier have enabled us to step outside of the hurried, anxious pace of our everyday lives, and this triggers a stillness in our minds too, creating space for our erotic energies to take centre stage.


Sensual Techniques For Raising Arousal Levels

It is common practice to further aid relaxation at this stage with a sensual massage, which incorporates slow, soothing strokes to ease out any stress and tension, enabling you to drop more deeply into a state peaceful mindfulness. Now your masseuse will combine her massage skills and intuition- and naughty imagination-  to steadily, tantalisingly increase your arousal levels. As she caresses every inch of you with her sensual massage strokes, employing massage techniques as diverse as smoothing, kneading, and vibrating, she will also use her naked body to glide against you, moving the flow of energy through your body as your excitement builds. Guiding your breath, she will enable you to be completely mindful as your arousal increases yet further, which in turn heightens your pleasure still further.


An Erotic Revelation 

Newcomers to tantric massage can find these sensations nothing short of revelatory, as no matter how sexually experienced we may consider ourselves to be, it is likely that we’ve never been touched quite like this before- there are not many sexual experiences where we have allowed ourselves to receive purposeful, intuitive, arousing and caring touch for a prolonged period of time, and the impact it has can be truly mind blowing in addition to intensely physically satisfying. It is through this type of bodywork that your tantric masseuse will build you towards reaching a full body orgasm, the earth shattering energy release in which the sexual and the spiritual fuse. I’ll be exploring this in more depth for next week’s blog.


For those new to sensual massage and who feel uncomfortable using tantric techniques at the start of your journey, your masseuse will be happy to provide a more simplistic body to body session of erotic pampering. We do however invite anyone who is interested in the transformative powers of tantra to explore further, which is an adventure that can be done gradually, at your own pace, and over the course of several, or indeed many, sessions. Do feel free to ask London Tantric’s friendly receptionists, or your chosen masseuse, any questions you may have.