Revelatory, earth-shattering, intense — these are only some of the words our clients have used to describe the sensual experience of a tantric massage. There are very few experiences that allow us to receive a purposeful, intuitive, arousing and caring touch for a prolonged period. The impact of such an experience can be mind-expanding and physically satiating. A tantric massage guides you through an unbelievable erotic journey, using a form of bodywork grounded in the ancient principles of tantra, leaving you sexually released and spiritually enlightened.

You may be looking to burst through the boundaries of your pleasure and experience new realms of bliss.  Or perhaps you are just eager to experience something totally and mind-blowingly unique. Either way,  a tantric massage is a perfect choice for you.

In this post, we take you on a sensual journey through tantric massage from tingling arousal to intense climax.

How We Raise Arousal Levels

A tantric massage begins with a gentle sensual massage incorporating slow, soothing strokes that tease out any stress and tension. This is an important step in your journey —  before you can open yourself up to pleasure, you need to let go of any stress and strains of daily life.

Once you’re completely relaxed and comfortable, your masseuse will use her intuition — and a dash of naughty imagination — she will begin to tease and tantalise you. Caressing every inch of your body with smoothing, kneading and vibrating strokes, she will guide you through a series of evocative visualisations and pranayama breathing techniques. At this stage, you will start to feel a deep sense of sexual arousal and a deep focus on pleasure.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once your masseuse intuits you’re becoming more aroused, she will begin to glide her gorgeous naked body over yours, so that you can build your sensual energy together.

Why We Build Arousal Slowly

Mindful breath, visualisation, purposeful touch — a tantric massage is a marathon, not a sprint. But why play the long game? Why not just get straight to the incredible release? Well, when it comes to deeply sensual experiences,  slow and steady does win the race. These techniques are an essential part of the process and allow our gorgeous masseuses to lay the necessary groundwork for an intense, prolonged level of arousal — not to mention a mind-blowing release.

Pranayama techniques trigger a stillness in your mind too, creating space for your erotic energies to take centre stage. When you feel in a safe environment, connected to your masseuse, and relaxed in body and mind, you can better access your erotic energies and receive and enjoy every second of pleasure.

Trust us, the sensations of sustained pleasure and the ability to savour the sensual energies for as long as possible are transformative. You’ll be longing to return to that state of complete bliss long after.

The Perfect Erotic Energy Climax and Full Body Orgasm

In a tantric massage, we like to take the approach that it’s not the destination but the journey that counts! But that being said, there is nothing quite like the intense and overwhelming full-body orgasm that comes at the end of your tantric massage.

After a prolonged period suspended in ecstasy at the brink of orgasmic bliss, your body is powerfully positioned to indulge in every second of pleasure and every wave of this incredible climax. Our most orgasmic experiences occur when our bodies and minds sync with erotic energy, and that’s what a tantric massage does for us.

Your masseuse is skilled at sensing your sexual energies and can expertly and lovingly guide you towards the peak of your erotic journey. It’s not uncommon for this pleasure to build to a full-body orgasm, a sublimely powerful, erotic sensation where your body, mind and soul feel perfectly aligned and you feel satiated by a release of erotic energy.

Do you want to experience new realms of pleasure and a full body orgasm? Contact us today and arrange your own tantric massage.