One of the many things you’ll experience when getting a full body massage in London is the wonders of learning how to breathe purposefully. It’s one of the essential components of the massage and many people are surprised when they find out that these kinds of massages aren’t just about laying back and enjoying (which there is plenty of) but there’s also a need to participate in the form of breathing and learning how to breathe correctly during a session. The great thing is that these simple exercises can be taken home and practiced when you’re pampering yourself, a partner or simply want to get in touch with your sensual energy or even simply relax. The breathing you do is designed to take you from a period of warmth and lots of blood flow and stimulation to one of calm, relaxation and cooling down. This is why there are two distinct massage phases called the active or hot phase and inactive or cooling phase. These phases are meant to help you achieve better full body orgasms because they keep your vitality from spilling prematurely.

When you lay down to get a massage then, make sure to pay close attention to your masseuse’s voice and breathe as she explains. Your experience will be greatly altered if you do this correctly and the different phases will last longer. Remember oxygen travels through your body through the blood your heart pumps and if you learn to control that by breathing correctly you can learn to control yourself better in any given situation.  It makes your tantric experience so much more meaningful, deep and sensual. You can control your sensuality with your breathing and even your excitement. It seems like such a simple thing and yet it’s one of the things a lot of people tend to comment on when they’re done with a massage and the best part is this is a part of the massage that you can take with you anywhere and use when it best pleases you. Have a hard day at work? Practice purposeful breathing. Have a presentation? Calm down with some purposeful breathing, or better yet… get pumped with it.