Often we meet clients who are relatively new to sensual massage and they ask if it’s possible to expand on the type of body to body experience which they may have already experienced, as they are interested in something beyond just a sexy massage. Fortunately we are able to tell them that there is a whole world of possibilities open to them, just ready to explore, whether they wish to try various different massage therapies, or take their adventures a little deeper by trying authentic tantra techniques. If you’re looking for ways in which to enhance your sensual massage experiences, here are a few ideas….

If you wish to increase the sensuality of a body to body session, particularly to heighten the sensation of your masseuse’s body against yours, then you may relish some nuru massage indulgence. The botanical nuru gel enhances the glide sensation as your masseuse slides her delightful curves against your skin, and many clients adore this slippery and sensual massage style.

If you are looking for an adventure to rejuvenate both body and mind, then I would highly recommend seeing a genuine authentic tantric masseuse, with  whom you can try techniques ranging from pranayama, mediatation, visualization, conscious touch and many, many more. These sessions can be deeply rewarding, and it is not uncommon for masseuse and client to go on a voyage of discovery which can last many sessions, or even many years. This I think is a testament not only to how much of an important role tantric massage can come to play in people’s lives, but also to the infinite erotic and spiritual opportunities it offers meaning that the journey is never really at an end and there are always more exciting adventures to be had.

There are of course many other wonderful therapies to explore not covered in this particular blog, so if you’re interested in spicing up your next body to body experience then it’s worth mentioning this when you call to enquire, and that way you can receive recommendations on both the recommended masseuses, and the many other therapies, to best suit your preferences.

Rose xx